Guest editorial: Next year, Santa, I’d like better planning of the winter bus routes |

Guest editorial: Next year, Santa, I’d like better planning of the winter bus routes

Dear Santa,

Woke up one morning and saw another empty blue bus coming down Three Kings Drive in Thaynes Canyon, but in the OTHER direction than its normal course. He must be a new driver who is confused and went the wrong way, I thought to myself! Then I noticed bus stops had been put in buckets and placed along the other side of our street. We never asked for more buses on our tiny two-lane street!

I never put this wish in my letter to you Santa!

Called your office, Santa, and found out that someone in the condo area south of us couldn’t take the five-minute drive winter bus which went to the Peaks Hotel and turned around and went right back to the resort. That was too long for them! Who are these people who show up for a week or two and demand a change in our great winter schedule? Who in the transportation department has the right to do this with total disregarding the concerns of our full-time residents in this community? Why weren’t we informed about this huge change? Why won’t they tell us who requested this extra bus? Why the secrecy?

Our neighborhood was shocked at the dismissal and indifference from your office.

Now we have two huge empty buses every 10 minutes driving too fast for the road conditions, and endangering walkers, smaller cars and bikers (just saw a man with a baby on the back of his bike riding in front of a huge bus on our road). Never mind the air brakes noise.

Why did you do this, Santa? What ever possessed you? Who promised you more cookies if you put on this new route? Why didn’t you give this bus to other neighborhoods that have no transportation at all? Why did you place bus stops right on the lawns of our private homes with no place to exit the bus? People have to get off in 3-foot snowdrifts. No one comes to clear a space for the travelers! Just jump off and hope you don’t sink in the snow. Just stand in the road with cars speeding past you while we wait for the bus. Now we have the blue and green buses going in opposite directions and heading to Park Meadows. Two! Santa what were you thinking?

You have made a big mistake! Wait until they start working on the water treatment plant and the trucks and buses all meet in front of Silver Star! Are we going to have another huge 12-foot street light installed and shine right in our windows 24-7? What do they do when they meet up with the 18-wheel trucks that deliver food to Silver Star every day? Never mind the linen, soda and bread trucks.

Next Christmas, Santa, we will not leave you cookies. You will get nothing on your plate! Bah Humbug!

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