Guest editorial: None of us will reverse climate change, so stop talking about it |

Guest editorial: None of us will reverse climate change, so stop talking about it

Watching Park City’s response to the dire problem of global warming puts a smile on my face. I am reading the current edition of the Record sitting with my wife in our 7,000-plus square foot mansion with two furnaces running nonstop. Driveway and roof are heated and the 80-gallon water heater is on high. Just got my electric bill, $500. I could shower all day if I wanted. For comfort we have the fireplace roaring. The maid comes weekly to clean the bedrooms that haven’t been used for months. Most of our neighbors have left after the holidays, but their empty estates remain functional. My oversized vehicle idles along as I exited I-80 toward our beloved city.

Cows in the meadows are sinful, but elk are pristine.

Can’t find a place to park, but idling is illegal.

Someone else paid for the electric bus?

There is a housing shortage, but no shortage of houses!

I’m supposed to conserve natural resources, but development is planned for the next 50 years. We call this planning? What are we planning for?

What kind of a per-capita carbon footprint have we created?

If we are to go green within the next decade, as some mandate, drastic measures will need to be taken. We have minimal wind, so that’s out. Solar power doesn’t work under snow. We could produce more methane for fuel but this requires more cows. Who wants that?

The government is suggesting they look into the monopoly of the ski resort industry.

If we were to really want to have an impact on global warming, Park City should be at the forefront. Ski resorts open only on weekends. We all take our turn volunteering at the resorts. Living space limited to 100 square feet per person. Thermostats regulated to 50 degrees, (we can wear our Bogner ski jackets inside to stay warm). Mansions will be turned into hostels. Ten gallons of water per person per day. Essential businesses only. Vegan mandatory, but cows, elk, deer and moose are free to roam. Love those electric buses. This would be the only means of transportation.


Thomas More and George Orwell would be laughing (should be mandatory reading).

The reality is that none of us are really going to change enough to make a difference, so let’s just stop talking about it. I like my steak medium rare, the thermostat at 70 and am not willing to pay the capital gains tax if I sell this crazy house to downsize.

Let’s eat, drink and be merry. You know the rest of it.

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