Guest editorial: Opinion piece about Trump was littered with hyperbolic statements |

Guest editorial: Opinion piece about Trump was littered with hyperbolic statements


President Trump can now add Rich Wyman to the list of people he has broken.

Mr. Wyman, a man of immense musical talent, seems less so in regard to the Constitution, politics, simple logic and reason. He is reduced to regurgitating the leftist mantra of a broken Constitution, the president’s diminished mental condition, the ridiculous assertion of internment camps, illegitimately “attacking” his opposition, banning races and religions from the U.S., helping his rich friends and multi-national corporations, destroying environmental protections, denying climate change “at the expense of our very existence.” Trump’s also a dictator on par with “any fascist dictator” you can imagine.

Every one of those statements is pure fevered, hyperbolic insanity, and demonstrably so.

Since the Senate didn’t ignore the House’s lack of a case and use the “American Idol” method as a basis for finding the president guilty, Wyman views the subsequent acquittal as illegitimate, yet he never recognizes the biased and one-sided narrative creation performed in the House by Democratic partisans hellbent on getting the president removed.

Wyman also attacks the Senate by claiming it isn’t truly representative of the people anyway because small states — like ours — have the same number of senators regardless of population, so pretty much any Senate vote is illegitimate. Well, Mr. Wyman, by constitutional design, the senators represent the interests of states from which they hail, not the proportionally derived interest of the people of that state — that is the House’s job.

Yes, Mr. Wyman, Trump terminated Lt. Col. Vindman’s service with the NSC and fired Ambassador Sondland. Vindman broke the chain of command to testify about secondhand information and in opposition to policies with which he disagreed, making it clear that he should be removed for cause. He was sent back to the Pentagon because the president has a right to expect that the people who work in the White House support lawful policies and Vindman made it clear he would not. As to Sondland, he testified after being directed not to do so until the House issued proper, lawful subpoenas. To deliver more testimony about hearsay, he violated that directive and as he served at the pleasure of the president, the president decided to remove him. Both actions fall solidly under the Article II powers of any president. Trump did “use” the National Prayer Breakfast to address his opponents and did so in a far more civil manner than he has experienced. For the past three years, the president has been constantly accused, without evidence or proof, of being a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, a misogynist, a dictator, a tyrant, a traitor and more. What was surprising was the restraint in his comments. The president has lawfully prioritized funds for legitimate national defense needs, a secure border being at the top of that list and yes, he caused an investigation of those innocent Bidens. Based on what we know about the totally innocent son of totally innocent Joe Biden taking in millions of dollars for no-show jobs and the resulting access given to a sitting VP, someone should investigate those totally innocent people. Trump has not used the Department of Justice to favor his friends and supporters — he has called out the double standard of how the DOJ treats Republicans as compared to Democrats but has not interfered in the judiciary’s process of determining sentences (as did his predecessor). Perhaps Congress should consider “expunging” impeachment for their own good as it is a bigger stain on the House than on the president.

Hopefully, Mr. Wyman can reassemble himself from the pieces before his next performance.

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