Guest editorial: Opinion piece taking aim at Romney and Biden was off the mark |

Guest editorial: Opinion piece taking aim at Romney and Biden was off the mark


This is in response to Peter Yogman’s guest editorial from last Saturday’s Park Record edition (Feb. 15-28). Let me state first (and as my grandmother used to say) there are two sides to every story. If a person only watches Fox News (and as per Peter’s editorial details, he must watch 24/7), you are only going to hear negative messages about politicians that do not agree with Trump’s decisions. Using the term “Mafia Boss” is a key buzzword that Fox News uses to describe Joe Biden and is so far from the truth that it’s a joke to any sane person.

I grew up in Detroit in the 1950s and the real Mafia controlled the garbage companies and the unions. If a person tried to get into the garbage business in Detroit at that time, and/or if someone tried to interfere with the union’s operations, they were murdered (think Jimmy Hoffa). This is how the Mafia keeps control of their businesses. Joe Biden has never ordered a hit on anyone in his life. Joe Biden is a former senator, vice president of the U.S., has served the country with honor and is highly esteemed, so calling him a “Mafia Boss” is inappropriate and disgusting. Using this term is the same as when Trump calls Rep. Adam Schiff “Shifty Schiff” and Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and Michael Bloomberg “Mini Mike.” Trump is like a 7-year-old bully on the playground, calling everyone he doesn’t like derogatory names. It’s very sad and strange adult behavior!

I will say, though, that anyone who has been a politician for a long period of time will have made some decisions in their past that will come back to bite them, and I’m sure that for Biden, allowing his son to take the job at Burisma is one of those decisions! That said, corruption indictments against those working at Burisma have never been proven in the Ukraine or in the U.S. You can say any company is corrupt, but that’s just mouthing off until it is proven in a court of law. The Ukrainian government has done their own investigation of Burisma and has determined that there is no corporate corruption present. But still, Trump (and Fox News) continue to call it a corrupt company. Just like Trump likes to still say that the CIA sent Hillary Clinton’s server to the Ukraine. The NSA, FBI and CIA have all stated publicly that the CIA did not do this, but Trump continues to spread this disinformation.

Now, per Mitt Romney’s business dealing years ago while he was at Bain Capital: buying failing businesses or businesses going through bankruptcy is completely legal. Buying failing companies and spinning off their assets has been done for over a hundred years in the U.S. The employees at these failing companies knew that they would be losing their jobs because their employer was going bankrupt!

Let’s look at the other side of this story in relation to Trump. He has put many small businesses in the U.S. out of business (forced them into bankruptcy) simply by not paying these businesspeople for the services they provided to his developments. This isn’t illegal either but it’s disgusting! He had contracts with these businesses, and Trump just decided he wouldn’t pay them and told these small business owners to sue him for the money he owed them. Trump started Trump University, a fake university that scammed thousands of students out of their tuition payments. Trump also started a charity, Trump Foundation, and used the money that was donated to the charity to enrich himself. Trump makes Bernie Madoff look like a Boy Scout leader in comparison.

I would like to suggest to Peter that maybe once or twice a week he watch the PBS News Hour. These reporters are extremely intelligent and unbiased. Sometimes it’s good to look at the other side of the story.

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