Guest editorial: Park City needs a state senator who understands the community |

Guest editorial: Park City needs a state senator who understands the community

Jack Rubin’s run for the Utah State Senate is now nearly down to election day, having garnered a great deal of attention and support from Parkites, albeit with a touch of pushback from one sector.

The pushback is whether a Democrat or moderate-to-liberal independent living here in Park City should vote for Jack in the GOP primary ending June 26.

The incontrovertible answer is: if you are eligible to vote, absolutely yes.

Party registrations in the 26th run approximately 80-20 GOP and the likelihood of any Democrat winning in November is remote. So, the question is simple: who among the three candidates running in the GOP primary is the best candidate to represent all of us?

I believe the answer is — clearly — Jack. He has years of extraordinary experience resolving issues at a very high level of American business and finance. I know Jack well and I have observed that he has superior skillsets in analysis, judgment and decision-making. These are rare and important talents which Jack is offering to put to use for us and which we should accept. The backgrounds and skillsets of his opponents simply don’t compare.

Yes, Jack is unquestionably a conservative. But voters who typically vote for candidates further to the left should not be reluctant to support Jack. Jack is no knee-jerk right-winger, nor would he be some kind of good old boy camp follower in the Utah Republican machine. Parkites will be able to count on Jack to listen carefully, do his homework, make decisions on the merits and use his best judgment to vote only for bills which make good sense for the community as a whole.

So why isn’t voting for Jack a slam dunk for everyone? Well, some comments on social media reflect concerns that it may not be enough to be a highly qualified candidate who is both smart and able. Some independents and Democrats also need to be convinced that voting for Jack in the primary is a better result than voting for someone who can’t win or, worse, not voting at all.

Some commenters have questioned Jack’s conviction that smaller government is better government. The concern is that some problems require government solutions. I think Jack would agree. He simply weighs costs versus benefits, always with the view that private sector solutions tend to be more efficient.

Jack also believes that solutions conceived by neighbors for the betterment of neighbors are often the best solutions. One-size-fits-all solutions negotiated in Salt Lake City and imposed on local communities often don’t fit anyone well. Park City is a unique place and typically better solutions can be crafted in Park City for Parkites than in Salt Lake City.

Parkites will also find that Jack will fight for the right of individuals to manage their own lives socially, economically, and spiritually — without undue government interference. The state has more important work to do to support the common good than attempting to limit our personal freedoms.

And lastly, we must be practical. Jack understands life in Park City, Summit County and the Wasatch Back. We live in an area unlike much of the rest of the state and we need a Senator who knows us — who gets it.

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