Guest editorial: Park City will feel the consequences if we don’t approve the Treasure bond |

Guest editorial: Park City will feel the consequences if we don’t approve the Treasure bond

Park City residents before you vote, please understand the consequences if the open space bond does not pass. A NO vote will fast track the development of nearly 1 million square feet of development — essentially destroying our landmark Treasure Hill and the Old Town community surrounding it.

A NO vote requires the Park City Planning Commission to render an accelerated decision by March 20, 2019. Three PC Planning Commission meetings maximum and then a decision. There will be no more negotiations or submittals after a NO vote. Just a quick decision on 90 percent density of the existing submittals.

If this bond does not pass, the Treasure Hill development will impact us all with:

• Nearly 1,000,000 sq. ft. of total development (approximately 10 Park City Walmarts).

• 250,000 sq. ft. of underground parking.

• Approximately 10 years or more of construction.

• 300 heavy trucks per day on existing streets of Park City’s residential Historic District.

• 100’-150’ high excavation scars that will be visible all over town.

• Extensive use of dynamite and blasting that will be felt all around town.

• The largest convention center space in all of Park City and Summit County.

• 13 buildings including many high-rise towers some as much as 14 stories high.

• Increased traffic and dangerous conditions on our narrow Old Town streets.

• The destruction of trees and vital wildlife habitat.

• Environmental damages like toxic waste disturbance and possible drinking water contamination.

Much of what has been written by opponents of the open space bond is misleading and simply not true. The most vocal of these opponents didn’t attend one meeting during the process. There are no alternatives and no better or future deal to be done. There is no conspiracy. This development can AND will be built. Years and years of meetings and negotiations have brought us to this momentous moment in time. To stop this train wreck from happening. To save Treasure Hill. Do you really want to cast a NO vote and be the vote that enables this monstrosity to happen?

This is our one and only chance to stop it. Plus as part of this bond, we also preserve Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures forever as open space. A minimum of 48 homes are planned there. The choice is now ours. What we decide will impact us today and future generations to come. We will not get this chance again.

Yes property taxes will go up but only temporarily. Approximately $200 per year for the average Park City household. With other open space bonds retiring soon that extra amount will decrease to current levels in 6 years. It’s a much steeper price that we will all pay if the bond doesn’t pass.

Our community has shown incredible support for open space bonds in the past. Preserving such amazing and vital lands like McPolin Barn, Round Valley, Bonanza Flats, Rail Trail, Armstrong Trail, Quarry Mtn, Gamble Oaks, Walkability bonds, etc… Can you imagine if we didn’t support the previous bonds that saved these lands from development and imagine instead shops, hotels, grocery stores and other development as you drive or bike into town.

Vote FOR 100 percent. conservation and protection of Treasure Hill & Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures FOREVER.

Vote FOR the future of Park City and our future generations.

Vote FOR not allowing blasting and the devastation of trees and wildlife habitat.

Vote FOR safety and not having up to 300 trucks per day during years of construction.

Vote FOR reducing traffic: over 1,000 car trips per day from a Treasure Hill Hotel.

Vote FOR conserving water: nearly 20 million gallons of Park City water per year.

Vote FOR our Quality of Life.

Save Treasure Hill. Preserve Park City. Vote YES for the Open Space Bond!

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