Guest editorial: Park City would be well served by convincing superintendent to stay |

Guest editorial: Park City would be well served by convincing superintendent to stay

Christie Worthington
Park City School District PTO/PTA Council president

We have an excellent superintendent who is leaving. Why would someone walk away from an amazing job in Park City? Everyday she has been here I have been grateful. Yes, we have a challenging and dedicated parent group who can move mountains. However, what is the purpose of pushing when she has proven over and over how she works well with our community and listens. In our constant effort to be number one and achieve perfection at everything, when did we stop seeing each other as human? The big picture still matters to me and when we push the good ones out we are only hurting ourselves.

I have concerns about the changes/experience with our school board. They are a talented group of dedicated people. But we have two school board members who resigned in one year. What is up with that? Our most experienced school board member has about two years with the newest starting February 2018. Next year, our Associate Superintendent will be new and we will have a new Superintendent. Who will be in charge with knowledge of lessons learned? I am worried that we will continue to lose more excellent teachers/leaders if we continue this push for perfection.

All of us cannot have our individual agendas achieved but, wow, have I seen so many great additions with Dr. Conley. She listens and engages and makes her decisions with students in mind. If your individual situation needs some attention, she will meet with you. She has listened to mine.

I would not want her job. Last spring while at a Hugo’s for an open meeting, I experienced the fear of wondering if a parent was going to pull a gun out and start shooting. His rage was quiet and scary and his hands were below the table. A person next to me started texting rapidly and I was relieved when the Sheriff arrived. He clearly had been berating her in previous encounters and was not satisfied in not getting his way. I have no idea what she goes through on a daily basis but I remember what I felt that day. I walked away wondering how long would she stay?

Next year is a horrible time for a new leader. Ask our elected school board members to be willing to make needed changes and beg Dr. Conley to stay. Their contact info is on the PCSD website.

In this new year, let’s try SUPPORTING our leaders, teachers and school board members. They are good people who want greatness for PCSD. Making much needed progress can be achieved if we can see each other as humans instead of demanding perfection.


No head in the sand here

Sorry, Geoff, you’ve missed the ENTIRE reason why so many of us are opposed to Dakota Pacific’s project.

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