Guest editorial: Parkite Jack Rubin would represent Summit County in state Senate |

Guest editorial: Parkite Jack Rubin would represent Summit County in state Senate

I was pleased to attend the 2018 Convention of the Utah Republican Party in Salt Lake City on April 21 as a delegate from Park City, having been elected a first-time delegate in March at the GOP neighborhood caucus meeting. I participated primarily to help my friend and neighbor Jack Rubin win the Republican nomination for the Utah State Senate in the 26th district. The result of the convention was that Jack will run against two opponents from the eastern part of the State in the June 26 Republican primary.

The 26th is a strangely designed district which does not favor Park City candidates. The district is geographically enormous, running through Heber City over 150 miles east across U.S. 40 to the Colorado border. Most Utah Senate districts consist of a single county or two. The 26th includes all of Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah counties and only parts of Wasatch and Summit counties. The district includes Pinebrook, Snyderville and Park City proper, but excludes Summit Park, Jeremy and Coalville.

There are roughly 29,000 registered Republicans in the district and fewer than 7,000 registered Democrats. It is widely and probably correctly believed by the political experts that a Democrat can’t possibly win the district, simply by reason of the disparity in registrations.

By the same token, it has been widely believed that a Park City candidate can’t win because of the roughly 29,000 Republicans registered in the district, more than 17,000 are registered in Daggett, Duchesne, and Uintah counties and fewer than 12,000 in Summit and Wasatch counties. Historically, this has meant that a candidate from Duchesne or Uintah has been more or less a lock to win the seat. For the last 12 years the seat has been held by a resident of Vernal in Uintah County, who is retiring. In 2016 he won reelection by a margin of approximately 70 to 30 per cent. The upshot is that a Summit County resident has never held the seat in the District’s current configuration.

Jack Rubin would like to change this and offer the Wasatch Back (as well as the rest of the district) a strong, sensible voice in the State Senate. His strategy is to run to represent the best interests of all the voters from both parties across the entire district. He would like to persuade enough Park City Republicans as well as unaffiliated voters and even a few practical Democrats to vote for him to win the June 26 Republican primary. Republicans can do this easily by simply marking their ballot for Jack. Non-Republican voters can do the same thing by simply registering to vote in the Republican primary. All it takes is a quick phone call to the Summit County Clerk at 435-336-3204. Or go on line at If Jack can win the primary, he is sure to take the election.

I know you’ll be hearing a lot from Jack about how he would represent us in the coming weeks. I am writing to urge the readership to listen carefully to what Jack has to say. Utah has certainly been on a roll these past several years but there are enormous changes coming as Park City, Summit County, the 26th Senate District and the State face the future. Our population will explode in the coming years (it already is…) and we’ll have to address, both locally and across the State, the many issues that come with explosive growth, including transportation, housing, jobs, education, taxes, budgets, and more. I believe Jack has the experience, common sense, practical and solid views, integrity and leadership ability to help us deal with these many challenges coming down the road. He would be a credit to us all as our Utah State Senator.

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