Guest editorial: Reader grateful for help after her husband fell on ice |

Guest editorial: Reader grateful for help after her husband fell on ice

Deb O’Hara
New York City

Our 2018 annual family ski trip ended differently than we expected. It wasn’t the ski slopes that proved treacherous but rather some black ice. But, thank God for strangers — young adults — willing to help a stranger!

It was Saturday night before we were to leave to go home back East. My husband dropped us off at a restaurant and went to park the car. He found a space on the top level of an open-air garage. He didn’t give any thought that it had snowed and rained lightly earlier that day and now that the temperature had dropped, it was a complete sheet of ice — black ice! Before he knew it, he was down on the ice and felt and heard a “pop!” He knew immediately his right knee was blown, but he didn’t know how badly. He yelled for help, but no one was around. He was alone.

Realizing he was in harm’s way, he crawled toward a nearby car and pulled himself up. He then tried calling us in the restaurant but none of us heard our phones. He didn’t know how bad his knee was, so when he tried to limp to the stairs, he fell again. He screamed for help again.

Fortunately, 6 young adults, 3 couples from the Provo area, heard the yelling and went to see where it was coming from. They saw how badly he was hurt. Two other young “big guys” showed up and carried my husband down the stairwell. The others went to get us in the restaurant.

When I saw my husband in such excruciating pain. I asked the “kids” to call an ambulance. Incredibly, the young people were in no rush to leave us. The young people directed Park City Fire and Rescue to us. The EMTs (Josh and Sam) were so professional and compassionate. They rushed him to the Park City Hospital, where the outstanding care was continued by the staff.

Who were these young people? What kind of kids not only help someone get up after a fall, but then stick around to help, go get their family, call an ambulance? Amazing, wonderful, good-hearted kids!

I was elated to get to speak to one of the girls, Andra Anderson, age 20. I contacted her to thank her personally, and ask she thank all the others on our behalf (Benjamin Green (20), Sydney Halladay (20), Mckay Waters (21), Caden Allred (21), Missy Allred (20)). First thing Andra said, “we’ve all been wondering how your husband is doing?!” When I told her, she said “we’ve been praying for him.”

In today’s crazy world, it’s so refreshing to meet such caring, selfless young adults. Hopefully this story will restore people’s faith in mankind and humanity, especially young people.

We are forever grateful to all involved. We hope our paths cross again — preferably on the slopes!

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