Guest editorial: Romney is vain and vindictive and is certainly no hero |

Guest editorial: Romney is vain and vindictive and is certainly no hero

Peter Yogman
Park City


How sadly amusing to read The Park Record’s paean to Mitt Romney for his vote to convict Donald Trump. And how deeply ironic to hear Mitt wrap himself in God and family to justify his vote. This from a man of infinite greed who built his fortune, in part, by effectively destroying thousands of American families. Romney founded and ran Bain Capital, a private equity firm. Bain made a lot of its money by loading companies with debt while it extracted egregious fees and profits for Romney and his investors. In many cases the debt load put these companies into eventual bankruptcy. Here are a few examples. GS Industries, a Midwest steel company was loaded with $125 million of debt that was then used to pay $34 million to Bain Capital before it went under. Ampad, a paper products company, was loaded with $400 million in debt before it had to declare bankruptcy, throwing hundreds out of work. Bain and Romney profited by over $100 million on just a $5 million investment and walked away with $7 million in fees. Same deal with DDi, a circuit board maker that filed for bankruptcy in 2003, but not before Bain made $100 million plus $10 million in fees. Then there is Dade International, a medical supply company that declared bankruptcy in 2003. It borrowed heavily to pay Romney and Bain $420 million before shutting its doors. The list goes on with companies like Cambridge Industries and the pillaging of KB toys, loaded with $300 million in debt while Bain took out $120 million, or Stage Stores, loaded with $444 million in debt from Wall Street convicted felon Mike Milken, while Romney and Bain took out $175 million on a $10 million investment. All ending in bankruptcy. No, Romney is not a hero. He is a vain, thin-skinned, vindictive man who brought destruction to many businesses and the families that depended upon them. That is the true source of his vote.

As for Joe Biden, he may be one of the most corrupt politicians of our lifetime. It would be absolutely justified and in the national interest to thoroughly investigate this Mafia boss. You already know his son Hunter was hired at a fee of millions of dollars to sit on the board of one of the most corrupt companies in the Ukraine, Burisma, an oil and gas producer. Then he flies to China with his dad on Air Force 2 and gets a $1.5 billion investment from the Bank of China for his investment company. The owner of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky, built his company by assigning the best oil and gas leases to himself while he was a government minister as well as illegally avoiding tens of millions in taxes. This was common knowledge in Ukraine, in our State Department and certainly with Joe Biden. Now Burisma was under intense investigation by the chief prosecutor in Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, a man who spent his entire career in law and had a record number of investigations opened and dollars recovered, four times greater than his two predecessors. This investigation was not dormant as falsely reported in our fake news media, it was very active and ongoing for two years, with Zlochevsky’s assets frozen and his home seized. So, what does Joe Biden do? He gets Shokin fired in a classic Mafia-style shakedown justifying it by saying Shokin is corrupt. Who replaces this supposedly corrupt prosecutor? Why one Yuriy Lutsenko. Joe Biden was thrilled and called Lutsenko a solid guy. This Lutsenko had recently been released from prison in Ukraine! He was in prison because he was convicted of corruption, specifically stealing from the Ministry of the Interior. Lutsenko knows nothing about the law, he has no law degree and never worked in the field. But he does know what his American boss wants. All charges against Burisma and Zlochevsky are dropped in three months. Hunter earned his fees! But Romney believes Trump is the criminal because he wants this investigated? Unbelievable.

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