Guest editorial: Senate Republicans hold the future of our republic in their hands |

Guest editorial: Senate Republicans hold the future of our republic in their hands

Whatever happened to the law and order, fiscally conservative and morally righteous congressional Republicans from the Eisenhower, Reagan, Bush and even the Nixon era as well? Today’s congressional Republicans, better known as “Trumpians,” have abandoned their oath to the Constitution by blindly capitulating to the wishes of President Trump! It is almost cult worship! Thus, the abolishment of the check and balance form of government that our founding fathers so ardently fought for!

In the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” the last phrase states “and wherever Mary went the lamb was sure to go.” Sheep are not smart animals. In fact, if a lead sheep would jump off a cliff into a deep ravine, the rest of the flock would immediately follow as well. Today’s Republicans are merely sheep in congressional clothing. They adhere to the adage, “The Emperor has no clothes” and are afraid to declare their allegiance to the Constitution or speak the truth for fear of being ostracized by President Trump. Their unconditional allegiance to Trump is more important than their allegiance to the Constitution. Thus, the rule of man becomes primary to the rule of law!

The nation is preparing itself to face the impending Trump impeachment trial by the Senate, and at least one black sheep Republican has emerged from the flock of senators. Mitt Romney has vocally on numerous occasions disagreed with the president on many issues. The question remains, how many other Republican senators will be willing to objectively evaluate the facts behind the various witnesses that have testified before the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees? How many are willing to critically evaluate and accept the under-oath testimonies of non-political career federal employees over that of political appointees by President Trump?

Trump’s rhetoric and behavior have thus far defined his authoritarian approach to governing America. We should have been more suspicious of his dictatorial attitude when he and President Putin of Russia met in Helsinki in a closed-door session without any other statesman from either country being present other than the translator. His seemingly admiration of countries with dictators over countries with democratic leaders is frightening. His comment that he could shoot someone in Fifth Avenue and nobody would care, is further evidence of his ego driven leadership. Unfortunately, Trump’s base supporters do not seem to care about his “I am above the law and I can do whatever I want attitude that scares the majority of Americans.

Trump’s blatant refusal to comply with Constitutional mandated congressional oversight committee requests for White House documents, subpoenaed witnesses, etc., indicates a pattern of obstruction of justice and thus warrants in itself an article of impeachment indictment. Even Presidents Clinton and Nixon eventually cooperated and complied with congressional oversight committee requests. If Trump is innocent of wrongdoing as he claims, then why does he continue to resist congressional oversight committee requests? Let the truth be known!

Many Constitutional experts claim that American democracy is in crisis. The destiny of our republic is really in our senators’ hands. Will they exercise their constitutional duties to objectively seek the truth by providing a fair trial? Or will the Republicans politically take the easy way out, since they have the majority, by simply absolving President Trump of any wrongdoing? If the latter is true, then we will have traded our republic form of government in for a monarchy! The king has absolute rule and that is exactly what President Trumps desires. May God bless America!

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