Guest editorial: Summit County nightly rental limits misguided |

Guest editorial: Summit County nightly rental limits misguided

Andrew Morphett
Park City

So the NIMBY councilors of Summit County want to penalize individual property owners by limiting the use of their properties.

A council that has happily allowed hotels, property developers and the corporate resort owners to plunder our local communities.

They now want to limit individual owners from using their properties as nightly rentals and in so doing provide a direct financial benefit to the hotels and lodging companies.

It was mentioned this will assist in the supply of long term and work force housing.


It is not the responsibility of individual property owners to fill this need, as businesses fail to provide a living wage and housing for their employees.

The fact that the professional ski patrollers at Vail’s Park City Resort were forced to drag the company to 50 meditation meetings to get them to finally agree to a paltry $17.00 per hour minimum shows the indifference this resort operator has for even their most valuable workforce.

Why not require these corporate and commercial operators to provide workforce housing if needed ? Hotels for example are full of accommodations.

Oh no! They have lawyer’s and resources.

It’s much easier to go after individuals owners that have saved up to buy a ski condo and are attempting to offset the costs when not using it.

Councilman Armstrong in pushing this government overreach, (maybe something he learn’t in his former home state of California and time as an attorney) “SURPRISE” assumes many of these properties will then become available as middle income and work force housing. Try telling that to an owner of a home in Park City that rents for $2000 per night.

It is worth looking at the real affects of such a misguided policy. Firstly if someone cannot afford to keep their property without the nightly rental income, it could be sold and likely to someone with more resources who can afford to lock it up when not in use. Further reducing the available accommodation in Park City, forcing prices up dramatically.

Secondly, if the nightly rental pool is reduced by half (using Mr Armstrong’s estimate of 8000 nightly rentals). The reduction of those 4000 units at say 4 people per rental is an additional 16000 people that now need to stay elsewhere and drive into town, A town presently plagued with inadequate parking and the possibility of reducing it even further if PEG/Vail get their way.

This will result in an additional 4000 cars driving into town on a daily basis and no amount of subsidized electric buses will fix that carbon footprint nightmare caused directly by our local government.

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