Guest editorial: ‘Thank you, Dad’

Katie Bernhard Park City and Summit County
Park Record guest editorial

Over the coming weeks of September 2022, my dad Andy Bernhard will be concluding his 35-year tenure as Publisher of The Park Record newspaper, a position he has held since 1987. As his daughter, I have had the pleasure and honor of witnessing – for my entire life – his commitment to the newspaper and to our Park City and Summit County community. I could not be prouder of him and the legacy he leaves at The Park Record; my dad has been a leader in our community for almost four decades.

My dad has seen The Park Record and our community through so much change, from the growth of our small town in the 90s and following the 2002 Olympics, to the 2008 financial crisis and rise of digital media in the 2010s which has stressed local newspapers nationwide, and the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Despite these changes and challenges, The Park Record has remained an outstanding small-town newspaper.

Alongside several awards from the Utah Press Association over the years, including both General Excellence and Community Service, my dad also leaves a legacy which solidifies The Park Record’s place in Utah history, such as overseeing and supporting – alongside partners such as Park City Museum- the process of scanning the entire historical record of The Park Record back to 1880 to a searchable online archive (Utah Digital Newspapers). 

Let us celebrate this diligence, service, and commitment as a community. I know that the Bernhard family certainly does. Observing our dad’s work ethic since 1990, my brother Sam and I learned important lessons and values from his commitment to The Park Record: consistency, integrity, hard work, and humor. Doing things right the first time. Knowing that sometimes you’ll make mistakes, but it’s important to own those mistakes and take corrective action to move forward. That results come from showing up consistently, day after day, and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. And to never miss an opportunity for a good laugh.

Our community has changed a lot over the past 35 years, and the conclusion of my dad’s tenure as Publisher of The Park Record constitutes yet another change. On behalf of the Bernhard family – my mom Julie, my brother Sam, and me, I want to thank The Park Record team that has and will continue to provide excellent local news, the Park City and Summit County community for celebrating alongside us, and of course, the big one: Congratulations Dad, and thank you. 

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