Guest editorial: Through Institute, Park City is part of TED’s global community |

Guest editorial: Through Institute, Park City is part of TED’s global community

Technology and Entertainment and Design (better known as TED) has been part of our community now for more than a decade.

The Park City Institute has brought elements of that wildly successful, global organization to our own community in the form of live-streamed events and unique locally produced events. In the past month, we produced two radically different gatherings. In November, we organized more than a dozen Park City (and one Salt Lake) high school and middle school students to deliver their own TED talks. These talks will soon be uploaded to the TED organization and then put online and made available to the global community. To date our TEDXParkCity talks have more than 300,000 views. Those students gave poised, memorized, inspiring talks on topics from the beauty of learning how to play music — to the real faces of immigration. They stood up and delivered to their peers.

This week we produced TEDxWomen Park City. We curated talks from last week’s TEDWomen global event in Palm Springs. We are limited to 100 women for that day and we quickly hit that mark. Those gathered meet new women in the greater Park City community and talked at breaks about what they were seeing and hearing in such wide ranging topics as — first aid emotional care for First Responders who are dealing with epidemic numbers of drug overdoses in small communities to — what it means to become fully the person your complicated chromosomes may have determined at birth. And finally — what are the PTSD effects when you serve on a jury on a death penalty case and the guilty man is put to death because of your vote.

The elevated vibrational level at both our Youth and Women TEDx events was palpable. Participants wanted to learn — equally in both groups. They came open to the possibilities of what they didn’t know.

We are proud to bring these events to our small mountain town. And we could not do so without continued community support. For TEDx youth we want to thank Carol Fontana for her brave sponsorship. And to PC Eats and Fuego for providing the snacks and meal for all those students during the day.

For TEDxWomen we want to thank Chris Lawing and the always flexible and professional staff at the Montage who make the day elegant and delicious.

Finally, to the staff of the Park City Institute — who make the badges and create the break time activities and help coach the students and set up and take down for hours before and after each event — I neglect to point out enough how you are glue that allows all our performers to shine. And all of our more than 30 large scale events annually to succeed.

Being part of a global community of thinkers and doers — thru TED — has made us all more curious and creative and hopefully kind.

And this season that seems an idea worth spreading…

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