Guest editorial: We don’t need another bus in Thaynes Canyon adding to the congestion |

Guest editorial: We don’t need another bus in Thaynes Canyon adding to the congestion

Editor’s note: This is a response to a guest editorial in the Jan. 25-28 edition titled “There are many who appreciate new bus line in Thaynes Canyon, despite what letter said.”

I am writing to give my support to Julie Breslin, who wrote a letter to the editor in the Jan. 15-17 edition on the new northern bus route.

How dare Kenny Levine personally attack someone who is just giving her constitutional right to speak her mind about an issue? How uncouth and unkind. Mr. Levine, you love this northbound bus so much because it would take you one minute literally to walk across the street from the bus to your home on the old bus route? I know this to be true. You live on the quiet side of the neighborhood and this does not affect you directly. None of you on that side of Thaynes Canyon Drive derive any better time than the old bus route, and none of you see and hear and live with this day in and day out. You just want to get home quicker!

Mr. Levine, come and sit by Silver Star and watch what is happening. See for yourself. I took that bus two days ago and was forced to get off in a mound of snow, and lo and behold there were eight cars stopped behind the bus. I had to make my way between the bus and first car to cross the street and was terrified that the other bus or car was coming in the other direction or that a car in the line would try and pass our bus. It was really frightening. What if I had my grandchildren with me?

We are only trying to stop a tragedy from happening in our neighborhood. You don’t live where we do, and you don’t see the cars, trucks and buses speeding like maniacs on this street, never mind the water treatment plant’s huge disposal trucks filled with debris or snow constantly driving on our two-lane road. We need the city to put in more speed signs on this street before someone gets seriously injured or killed! We don’t need another bus to add to this congestion!

Why is our neighborhood being ignored? Are the tourists more important than the residents of this community? We can’t walk anymore or get out of our driveways without taking our life in our hands. I was almost hit by an oncoming speeding northern bus the other day while trying to get out of my driveway.

We need help! I know our police force has a lot of area to cover, but please come here in the morning or afternoon when all the skiers, trucks and buses are flying up and down the street trying to get to their destination. You will make an enormous amount of money for the city by giving out rightfully earned speeding tickets.

The new bus only makes matters 10 times worse. I say kudos to Julie for standing up and speaking her mind. Don’t malign someone who is only wanting a good quality of living. Try to understand and be sympathetic to those who have this burden day in and day out! City Council, where do you stand on this issue? Please, do something! Support us and we will support you!

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