Guest editorial: Winter hiring WILL be difficult

Bill Humbert Park Meadows
Park Record guest editorial

Sometimes I see things differently…Thanks to the Editor of the Park Record, I was tossed a softball. With 40+ years of recruiting and recruiting consulting experience, I am the Google ranked #1 Talent Attraction Consultant – and we live in Park City.

The resorts are the major employers of hourly workers in Park City during the winter. They know that hiring will be difficult this year. How? It is difficult Every Year.

Yet, what strategies are they employing that are different from the past 5 years? As an outsider, it appears they are following the same strategy and, in some cases, making it more difficult to identify and attract great hourly employees.

I met with one of the recruiting managers at a resort in Utah eight years ago. We discussed Talent Attraction. When I mentioned LinkedIn as a potential source of candidates, they told me that they were not allowed to use LinkedIn because it was social media. At that moment, they left the office, and the ideas were shut off.

Last month, I was invited to speak at Disrupt HR in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The title of my speech was “Delete Recruiting From HR”. The Human Resource Department is important, especially in larger companies. All their functions, except for Recruiting, are administrative or compliance in nature.

Recruiting mirrors the SALES Process perfectly. Think about the following HR functions – Benefits, Compensation, Culture, Employee Relations, Training and Development, HR Tech. They are all functions focused inside the 4 walls of an organization. Recruiting is focused, like Sales, Outside the 4 walls of a business – selling candidates to come from outside the 4 walls into the company.

A Sales professional has a sense of urgency. In sales, time works against the company. In recruiting, if I do not respond to a candidate or extend offer when they expect to receive it, I will probably lose them to another company. There are a finite number of hourly workers willing to work in Park City. Companies who have not extended offers by now will find a diminishing number of available hourly workers.

When was the first time that a Compliance Officer was the top Sales Professional in a company? Reorganize Recruiting into the Sales Organization where Sales Managers know how to solve sales challenges. Operations is feeling the pain from the lack of qualified employees. Operations is a better solution to solve the Talent Attraction problem.

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