Guest opinion: A Trump loss may allow Republican Party to repair itself |

Guest opinion: A Trump loss may allow Republican Party to repair itself

The dictionary defines the word “seduction” as attracting someone to a belief or to a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy! President Trump has successfully attracted many to follow his beliefs in his tenure as president.

Trump’s seemingly total rejection of the existence of the COVID-19 has led many of his followers into a falsehood of reality. At this point, over 187,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus. In addition, his enablers in Congress have followed his statements and beliefs almost in a cult-like fashion. Instead of exercising their oath to uphold the “rule of law” as described in the Constitution, they blindly and obediently have supported his “rule by man,” authoritarian style of leadership. In essence, they have accepted Trumpism in exchange for Republican ideology.

In Trump’s almost four years as president, many political analysts have concluded that his uncontrollable lying rhetoric about facts, along with is need to keep this nation in a constant state of chaos, is becoming increasingly disturbing to many American citizens. That strategy worked for his presidential campaign in 2016 but is not as exciting to the informed public in 2020. I could go on listing various inconsistencies in his rhetoric verses his behavior, but I choose to express a more optimistic, hopeful tone by sharing with you my conversation with a lifelong friend who happens to be a lifelong Republican party supporter.

Was I ever shocked when he stated that he is voting for Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 November presidential election? I immediately asked him why. He replied simply that the present Republicans in Congress do not reflect the values of the Republican Party as under Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan. He further stated that the present House and Senate Republicans have abdicated their oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law in exchange for admiration from President Trump. In essence, they have sold their souls to become cult followers of Trump!

Again, I asked why. He sincerely believes that the Republican Party needs time to heal and be reborn in solid conservative ideology. A thorough cleansing of the old guard for the enthusiasm of new Republican faces. So, let Joe Biden solve Trump’s America!

Let Joe Biden solve the coronavirus pandemic problem. Let Joe Biden solve the racial injustice that exists in this country. Let Joe Biden solve the nation’s economic and unemployment problems because of the virus pandemic. Let Joe Biden repair the leadership damage caused with other countries because of dropping out of the Paris Agreement. Let Joe Biden restore the leadership reputation lost with our allies because of Trump’s association with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Let Joe Biden bring unity to a politically divided country. Just to mention a few of the problems created in our last four years under the leadership of Donald J. Trump!

My friend goes on to say that, while the Democrats are trying to solve those problems, it will give the Republican Party an opportunity to repair and restore the reputation of the Grand Old Party. In 2024 the GOP will have a new look and a legitimate opportunity to retake the White House. I sincerely hope he is right!

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