Guest editorial: Andy Beerman is co-opting Nann Worel’s campaign language in mayoral race |

Guest editorial: Andy Beerman is co-opting Nann Worel’s campaign language in mayoral race

Beth Armstrong
Park City

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I could take the compliment and leave it at that. But, we aren’t talking about someone wearing the same shirt as me. We are talking about someone stealing my words.

When I saw the letter from our current Mayor asking for support, I was surprised by the language he used. It felt incredibly familiar, and that’s because he used my words. The same exact three words in the same exact order that I penned when helping my friend, Nann Worel, get re-elected to council in her last successful campaign for City Council. The words are listen/learn/lead. I have copies of ads (I sent them along with this letter for Park Record to verify) Skip Slusher created using these words two years ago.

Andy Beerman uses these exact same listen/learn/lead words in the exact same order in his current campaign letter. At best, this unauthorized appropriation is on account of Mayor Beerman’s lack of research and information gathering, a troublesome flaw we see plaguing his decision making on major community projects. At worst, it is deliberate attempt to steal the thunder of and co-opt the goodwill my friend and future Mayor Nann Worel has established in this community.

For ten years, including the eight in which she served as Executive Director of People’s Health, I have had the pleasure of working with Nann. She is a supremely thoughtful leader credited with calling attention to and rallying support for some of Park City’s most urgent needs including early childhood education, childcare, and access to free medical care for all. Some would say Nann’s priorities have always centered on social equity, even long before we coined a term for it and City Hall deemed it a ‘critical community priority.’

Nann has proven time and time again she is an independent thinker who consistently listens, learns and then leads. Her track record on Council – including a recent vote where she advocated for Park City’s businesses and working families and was the only City Councilor to vote NO on moving the July 4th parade to July 2nd – affirms her as the one true and responsive voice of the people and businesses in our community.

Let’s vote for the person who is so authentic in her viewpoints, character, and communications that she doesn’t need to imitate anyone else. Join me in voting Nann Worel for Park City Mayor.

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