Guest editorial: Consistency of thought, please |

Guest editorial: Consistency of thought, please

Bill Humbert
Park City

Sometimes I see things differently… Park City has created a brand of being environmentally friendly. Our community paid $100 million for Bonanza Flats to save the beautiful views from development. Our community paid $100 million to buy Treasure Mountain to save the views. Our community is proud to be on its way to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Now our City Council plans to build a Toxic Soils Dump (oh yeah, they did put lipstick on that pig – and called it a “soils repository”) at one of the 2 entrances to Park City, where we have fought to keep the scenic views while entering town.

They said on a Zoom call that only the dust is dangerous. Interesting. The City Council will create a Toxic Soils Dump scar at the entrance of the city where children’s fields are located, where the National Ability Center is located, two blocks from the Park City Hospital, a block from USAA where future Olympic Athletes train and the People’s Health Clinic. The prevailing winds blow from the south and the west, covering all those facilities with the dangerous dust. When the wind blows from the northwest, people driving on Rt. 248 to and from Park City and those living and working in Park City Heights will also be treated to some of that dangerous dust. Remember, “only the dust is dangerous”…until…

Do not believe that everything the EPA says is research. Remember that the EPA is told what to do by our US Congress – who are informed what to say by lobbyists. Other concerned community members have mentioned how the clay or other liner systems to block toxic seepage are ruptured by animals, rocks, seismic movement (we do live in an earthquake zone), etc. The research demonstrates that eventually the liner systems may be breached – and the poisonous liquids infiltrate the groundwater. This creates an EPA Superfund site. Unfortunately, the people in Park City by that time will have to drink and bathe with water that is trucked in, not the poisonous water.

The City Council says it will cost $17 million more to truck that toxic soil to Tooele where there is a professional soils repository in the desert that is not near hospitals and children’s playing fields. By jamming their beloved toxic soils dump at the entrance of Park City down our community’s throats, the City Council is acting just like the Hideout developer.

Hopefully, saner minds will prevail…just like the winds.

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