Guest opinion: It’s time to standardize voting laws across the country |

Guest opinion: It’s time to standardize voting laws across the country

Our Utah AG joined an amicus brief for a since-discarded lawsuit to throw out all the votes of Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan in the 2020 presidential election. I want to thank him for bringing into the light the dangers of “state’s rights” in making election laws.

We are all Americans no matter what state we live in and should all be guaranteed some basic safeguards. Election laws should not be left to individual states. There should be national standards around voter registration, the number of polling places per capita and geographic polling ease (how far away a person has to travel to be able to vote), voting time frames and the rules that allow a ballot to be thrown out (hanging chads, naked ballots, illegible signatures, etc). An added benefit to national standardization is that it would be easier for voters to educate themselves about how to vote.

In a recent statement, Reyes said he joined the lawsuit because he was very concerned about voter confidence:

“If Americans are to have confidence in the integrity of the election system, it is important the Supreme Court settles the question of who determines the time and place for voting.”

Mr. Reyes, I think you are right about the importance of voter confidence and election integrity, but rather than have judicial activism write our election laws, it would be better if we revamp them legislatively ourselves. How about it? Are you on board? Let’s work to nationally standardize voting rules and regulations. The power of each citizen’s vote is too important to leave up to the individual states, where there is opportunity for corrupt parties to try and steal elections.

Another thing we can do something about is the Electoral College system. No matter why our forefathers adopted it, two and a half centuries later it has become a poor way to elect a president. I believe it is time to go to a straight popular vote.

And we don’t even have to start from scratch to do this! There are already organizations in place working diligently to make these changes. Since you are so concerned about voter confidence, can I count on you to join them? The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact currently has 17 states that have already enacted it into law, and many others are in the process of trying to pass that change. You can find out all about it at:

After living through this election, and watching the uncertainty and chaos, I am ready to roll up my sleeves and work very hard to protect not only my own vote, but your vote, Mr. Reyes, and my children’s vote, and my neighbor’s vote, and all the votes of my fellow Americans across this land, no matter what party they belong to, or what color their skin is, or what state they live in. A person’s right to vote should be standardized and have equal weight across all of these United States.

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