Guest opinion: Trump is within his rights to refuse to concede |

Guest opinion: Trump is within his rights to refuse to concede

This editorial is in response to the letter titled “The world is watching” in the Nov. 14-17 edition: Yes, we the people have spoken, and over 73 million voting Americans maintain that President Trump should not even consider conceding this election until all legally cast votes have been counted.

Prior to this election, Hillary Clinton stated publicly that Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstance. The mainstream media, with no authority to do so, has erroneously declared Biden as the winner. To say our president is refusing to accept the results of this election is misguided. Contrary to what you may see on most news channels, at this time, there is no official result from this election. For our country’s future, I hope we all sincerely care about election integrity; without it we crumble as a nation. Donald Trump is exercising his constitutional provisions to assure a fair process. Say what you may about the man, but as the leader of the free world, he executes his position with integrity, courage and truth.

Objective journalism has taken a back seat to activism. The censorship of facts and the proliferation of false information is socially divisive and is a profound threat to this country’s founding principals. As the Communist Manifesto teaches us, when you control the narrative, you control the people.

The Gore and Bush election in 2000 lasted 37 days. Are we experiencing shameless hypocrisy or just good old fashioned short memory? That controversy was over paper ballots in just one state and it went to the Supreme Court twice. More than half of the U.S. population is questioning the reliability of this election. Allowing this process to smoke out any wrongdoing will help to restore our faith in government. Crying foul, and claiming that this is “damaging our democracy” is absurd. Questioning the outcome, and assuring the validity of this election is the definition of democracy. I suggest we all read the Constitution again, and throw in the Bill of Rights while we’re at it, since those are being threatened as well.

What our country is, and has been, experiencing is a false narrative, bought and paid for by some of the most powerful zealots in the country, with no genuine or verified evidence. We are being played as fools. We need to distinguish the court of public opinion from the court of law. Donald Trump is up against absolutists that will shut you down and swiftly label you as a “racist,” “bigot,” “Nazi,” etc., if your opinion is in opposition to theirs. Absolutists, in shutting down what they perceive as immoral, shut down the debate. In effect, they break the social contract that allows for moral consensus to be agreed upon. If we want to unify, how about starting with uniting around the Constitution and rule of law? I am confident the Federal Supreme Court will consider all the factual evidence, and will make a decision which is fair to us all. Only then can we move on in this country, and continue to make it great again.

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