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Jay Meehan: Getting out the vote

My circadian rhythms have been on the fritz for much longer than just the Age of Trump could be held accountable but I’ll tell you what, its arrival hasn’t served as much of a moderating influence. Admittedly, the Kavanaugh confirmation and the continued assault on actual stewardship of public lands hasn’t helped either.

The fact that it’s a psychological disorder of sorts is a given. As is the fact that sipping Scotch-flavored water in front of a flat screen during the onset of the midterms, while not a cure-all by any stretch, at least has proven to be a great way to pass those nocturnal hours not driven to slumber.

I should, I suppose, point out the positives. For one, the complete debacle of the traditional Republican Party’s lack of spinal integrity demonstrated by completely bonding with whatever gibberish emerges from that part of Trump’s brain known as the prefrontal cortex has prompted a rather intense immersion on my part into upcoming ballot issues,

I am totally biased, of course. When it comes to candidates for elected office, if they happen to be white males and wish for my support, they had best, in the vernacular of the watercraft-inclined, list to the portside. Not that many on the Utah midterm ballot historically find comfort to the left of the scuttlebutt.

Stop me if you’re already up to speed on Neanderthal subtext and the orange tint it rode in on.”

The thinnest of the veneers coating any of those aspiring for office this time around appears to be that adorning the always transparent ex-presidential candidate and former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney. Somehow it’s fitting that he will assume the seat, not in seniority but most assuredly in moral elasticity, of our outgoing oligarch, Orrin Hatch.

There appears to be an additional pair sporting similar political stripes in the Orrin/Mitt shot group, so my attention has veered sharply to the Democrat in the race – and it’s not just because her gender offsets her Caucasian image. I see white women, for the most part, as having kept their suffragette faith while their male counterparts long for a return to the cave.

I would recommend going online to vote.utah.gov to become immersed in the freshness of Jenny Wilson’s profile. I’m not necessarily predicting a landslide in her/our favor, but you’ll feel so much better for the opportunity to engage in a personal civic cleansing.

It’s enough, I suppose, to say that the incumbent of the relatively new House District 3 is a former gun range manufacturer who supports “sensible tax policy, sound immigration policy, responsible spending, local control of public lands, and the Second Amendment.” Stop me if you’re already up to speed on Neanderthal subtext and the orange tint it rode in on.

Again, I recommend vote.utah.gov as an entry point into the much more enlightened vision of one James Courage Singer, the Democratic candidate for House District 3. I’ve never been a huge fan of those running nationally under the Democratic Party banner, but I must say this particular election has brought out some keepers here in Utah.

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While you’re poking around the website, be sure to check out all the candidate profiles, not just the ones I rave about. Remember, this is only my opinion and I’m biased, and in being so, subject to overlooking policy stances worthy of your time. Not that they rise to the exalted level of my own, mind you.

The fact that both the state Senate 26th District and House 54th District races feature Democratic candidates of the female persuasion does catch my attention, however. Certainly, I’ve seen myself in retrospect as having erred voting-wise in the past. LBJ, although he has many apologists in his corner, would be my prime example. (I long ago received absolution for my egregious non-support of Teddy Roosevelt.)

The female Republican candidate (excuse me while I attempt to modulate those two seemingly-at-odds modifiers) for one of two Wasatch County Council seats expresses both a love for open space and an understanding of the economic side of farmers selling their land to developers. How to separate the two is a quandary but saving the North Fields for the future is where I landed.

Although I’ve been unable to locate any Proposition 2 info on my favorite voting website, I did find the text elsewhere online. Having long ago spent fairly large chunks of time in another state (Sinaloa) researching a similar proposition, I am voting “YES” on Prop 2 to support medical use of marijuana for individuals with qualifying medical illnesses.

Please take the time to register and vote! Your country needs you now more than ever!

Jay Meehan is a culture junkie and has been an observer, participant, and chronicler of the Park City and Wasatch County social and political scenes for more than 40 years.

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