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Jay Meehan: Yes, let’s destroy Liz Cheney’s ‘Western way of life’

This is great stuff! Wyoming at-large congresswoman Liz Cheney’s recent press release, that is. Daddy’s girl could very well be on to something.

Her recent response to the Yellowstone grizzly bear’s reinstatement onto the Endangered Species List was so far off-base that a myopic peanut vendor could have picked her off from the bleachers. No doubt her lower chakras must have received a wake-up call.

“Radical environmentalists,” as she refers to those who both hike and read, are “intent on destroying our Western way of life.” Well, she’s certainly right on the button there. Me-and-my-kind are definitely out to wipe her kind’s planetary ethics off the map.

With much of what she refers to as “excessive litigation” providing both lever and fulcrum for the relisting, she has set her sights on an old enemy.

Me-and-my-kind are definitely out to wipe her kind’s planetary ethics off the map.”

Indigenous tribal activists who, from a “Western way of life” that, for the most part provided a semblance of sustainability to planetary resources, now find themselves in the furrowed-brow crosshairs of Wyoming’s lone congressional representative of the forked-tongue bunch.

My favorite response to her ill-thought out allegations was a tweet from within the extended tribal community to the effect that: “Liz Cheney is very upset that the people whose land was taken have interfered with the people who took the land.” White supremacy and blond ambition go hand in hand.

I mean, if reinstituting legal protections for the brown bear subspecies Ursus arctos horribilis is root cause of angst among her trophy-hunter set, well, ain’t that just a drag. Maybe she could get her esteemed leader to arrange a summit with a grizzly sow and, by way of introduction, he could get a good grip on the female’s privates.

At the base, of course, these are all climate justice issues. Habitats and ecosystems dance to a symbiotic beat. Analytics and spirituality offer left brain/right brain impulses to the discussion but when organized religion brings a self-centered mindset to the table, most often ignorance is the horse it rode in on.

Liz’s God, it seems fairly obvious, has daddy issues. This becomes most evident as she fumbles for possessive pronouns to attach to her “Western way of life.”

The fact is that, due in the most part to a religion that puts human desire at the top of the food chain, the predominant white culture has, in God’s name of course, been given free reign to pillage the planet to the point where capitalism and democracy have lost their symbiosis entirely.

I’m pretty sure that, in an effort to stem the tide, as it were, putting a leash on any of Halliburton’s fossil fuel subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, brands, and divisions nationally probably wouldn’t go down well around the old Cheney family homestead if the folks got wind of it.

But, of course, when one couples the company’s Iraq war contracts with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the fact that the elder Cheney was CEO at the time he became vice president, top-tier accountability had vanished.

To her favor, however, she does use the word “science” in a sentence in a way that attaches validity to its conclusions. You could have knocked me over with a feather, as they say. 

Not that the population of Utah is any more knowledgeable, at least in its practices, where recognition of the white man’s western legacy is concerned. As one who normally detests racism, when it comes to the “Gringos” and their treatment of Mother Earth and their predecessors upon the land, admittedly, I have a problem.

Now if only the coalition that restored the Yellowstone Grizz’s future by reinstituting legal roadblocks to trophy-hunting that would target the animal could gain traction in its fight with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s intention to open up public lands to the fossil fuel industries.

Once again, it would be crucial for native tribes, including the Crow and Northern Cheyenne, to join with the Humane Society and Wildearth Guardians in their fight with the administration. Our Western way of life is at stake.

Jay Meehan is a culture junkie and has been an observer, participant, and chronicler of the Park City and Wasatch County social and political scenes for more than 40 years.

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