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Letter: Critics of guest editorial about Romney and Biden are missing the facts


Unfounded criticisms

The Park Record published a guest editorial I wrote on Feb. 15. It made two points. First, there is substantial and compelling evidence to justify an investigation of Joe Biden, just as in the beginning, there was enough evidence to justify investigating candidate Trump for collusion. Second, Mitt Romney, with his vote to impeach Donald Trump for requesting this be investigated, was not motivated by any high moral conscience, but rather by personal enmity, and his business history supports this by showing a pattern of little moral conscience as he destroyed firms to quickly build his wealth. I thought including lots of facts would at least make people pause and think. I received several criticisms. First, it was stated my reference to Joe Biden as a Mafia boss was divisive and unjustified. Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion unless the prosecutor, who was aggressively pursuing the case against Burisma, where his son Hunter was paid millions of dollars (Burisma’s offices were raided and its assets seized on Feb. 2, 2016) was fired. This is money desperately needed by Ukraine to defend its borders against Russian aggression. This is called extortion. Extortion is a favorite Mafia tool. I stand by the term. Second, I was accused of listening to Fox News for my information. I barely watch TV let alone Fox News. My source of information comes from a French independent investigative team outside of the political mess in the United States. This is their website https://www.les-crises.fr. Click on Ukrainegate. It’s available in English. They are actually very left-wing. They do not like Trump either. Much of this work is now confirmed from other sources. Finally, it was stated that Romney was trying to save weak companies. Weak companies cannot support the debt load Romney put on these firms to pay himself massive fees and dividends. Once loaded with debt these companies became weak indeed, but by then Romney had moved on to his next victim.

Peter Yogman

Park City

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