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Letter, May 25-27: Babies’ Lives Matter

Babies’ Lives Matter

I encourage City Council not to engage the town’s lobbyist to advocate abortion rights on behalf of community members nor any other “causes” unrelated to operation of the city as suggested by Councilor Becca Gerber. Should the mayor and council take the stance of proselytizing on behalf of Roe v. Wade, council would be derelict in their duties to the city. Under the Federalism municipalities, counties, states and the federal government have different but complimentary obligations.

Functions of the Supreme Court or undo influence on such is not under the duties or responsibilities of local government. Local government is to provide enforcement of city laws, building code, fire protection, recreation and the like. It is inappropriate for elected officials to utilize city property, services or staffs to promote personally or even collectively held extraneous positions. Should Ms. Gerber (Gerber-baby food, oh how dark the irony of it all!) and others seek to advocate personal crusades they may do so on their own time and dime.

Also under the Federalism, it is argued that the Roe v. Wade decision is federal overreach. There is not and never was a right to abortion. The mother’s body ends were the umbilical cord begins. What is not annotated in the Constitution is to be relegated to the states. In September of 2018 CNN’s Ryan Struck reported on his analysis of data from the Congressional Research Service revealed the overruling Roe v. Wade would be unusual but far from unprecedented: The Supreme Court has overruled more than 300 of its own cases throughout American history. Moreover, dozens of the court’s reversals were of presciented cases that were on the books for 49 years or more.

There is a problem when the Park City Council becomes a council of activism; a council of philosopher monarchs that knows best, picks and chooses the causes de jour on behalf of the peasantry. Has council not learned following the aftermath of spending $15,000 to extol the alleged attributes of the real estate moguls self-proclaimed, trained Marxists in the form of street graffiti? Not to mention the subliminal Gay Pride banners in Old Town.

Should council proceed on the devil’s errant they do so a the risk of causing harm to businesses. For commerce to flourish a resort community needs to be welcoming to all. My wife and I very much enjoy skiing in Park City and we have vacation rentals as of yet, none of our guests have mentioned how much they enjoy the self-righteousness of Social Justice Warfare that emanates from the local government.

Babies’ Lives Matter.

Jerry Heck


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