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Letter: Park City’s No. 7 bus route simply doesn’t work

Simply doesn’t work

I have to agree strongly with the letter from Renee Miller. There is something wrong with the No. 7 bus route. My recent experience took place at the Canyons end and went like this. Having just missed the express bus at the Canyons base shelter, boarded the No. 7 and rode to the stop at the top of the access road by the Grand Summit and sat for way too many minutes while a driver swap was performed. Have since observed a driver swap performed at this same location while the bus sat for a long time convinced me I’ll never ride this bus again. Then back to the stop at the base and sat for a prolonged time as well until the beep sounded for the departure time. In all must have sat still for at least 10 minutes. Something just isn’t right and the schedule needs to be re-worked. As someone who also rides the bus almost daily and finds our bus system to, usually, be beyond reproach, this one simply doesn’t work.

Bob Berube
Park City

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