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Letter: Red light bill is a solution looking for a problem

Solution looking for a problem

Each year the citizens of Utah are treated to at least some legislative stupidity. This year, at least so far during this legislative session, I think it is H.B. 151, a proposal that would permit drivers to go through red lights, as reported in The Park Record on Feb. 20.

Just think about the concept for a second. Then think about the up and down side.

Upside … impatient drivers might save themselves up to 30 seconds of precious time once in a great while. Any more upside? I can’t think of any.

Downside … there is a whole host. Who is to determine of the driver sat for the requisite 90 seconds? What happens when the impatient driver behind me gets mad that I did not bolt through the intersection at second 91? Does road rage ring a bell? How do we know the driver going through the red light will absolutely be sure nobody is coming through the green light? Who is the arbiter here?

This seems to be a “solution looking for a problem.” The problem does not exist and thus this silliness of a bill should not exist either. And please, may I never be that person who is so impatient that the 30-second wait puts me in a tizzy.

Good grief … what next? Please let this session expire soon.

Jim Arnold
Park City