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Letters: A response to ‘Compassion without borders’ column

Give it up for Giving Fund


Park City Community Foundation’s Women’s Giving Fund is going to announce its fourth annual high impact grant on July 9th. This is one of my favorite events of the year! It is an opportunity to connect with over 200 local women and learn about the amazing projects our membership is involved in, and learn how our money will be used this year to improve the lives of women and children in Park City and Summit County.

For a one-time donation of $1,000 I am a member for life and have the opportunity to vote on how the endowment money will be used. It is a huge source of pride to be able to see what our money has been able to seed, starting with our very first grant three years ago to PC Tots. Last week I went on a tour of the facility and heard and saw first hand how the high quality and caring staff works to ready the kids for kindergarten starting as young as 8 weeks. It truly warms my heart to know that a better-educated population will improve all of our lives and that the Women’s Giving Fund grants have been a part of that critical initiative. If you are interested in attending the granting event please feel free to contact Deanna Rhodes at Deanna@ParkCityCF.org for more information.

Lauren Vitulli
Women’s Giving Fund


Response to ‘Compassion without borders’ column


I do not know anyone who supports separating children from their parents and I doubt Amy Roberts hears this “on every bar stool at the local coffee shop.” Most of my associates and friends support people coming into this country legally. My wife’s mother, grandmother, grandfather and uncle all came to this country from Italy, legally. It is up to our government, Democrats and Republicans alike, to figure out how to build the wall and come up with a compassionate and reasonable path to citizenship for those who deserve to truly be in our country.

Trent Davis
Park City


A great chance to give back


I’ve been a part time resident of Park City for over 10 years, and have just recently become a full-time Parkite. As a part-timer, I was searching for some way to feel more connected and to give back to this community that continuously gives to non-locals … their free parking and roads, their grocery stores and trails, and their patience and smiles. When I discovered the Women’s Giving Fund, I knew I’d found a way.

The Women’s Giving Fund (WGF) was created in 2014. Currently there are over 1,300 members, each of whom has contributed $1,000 — either as a lump sum, or by a $84/month payment. This I could do — even as a part-timer! Through these membership fees, an endowment fund of over $1,500,000 has been created. Along with other members, I can vote on which local nonprofit benefiting women and children in Summit County will receive a grant. So far, we have given $30,000 grants to PC Tots (offering affordable daycare), The Children’s Justice Center for a safe/medical room, and to the Peace House to help fund their transitional housing program. We’ve also funded a mentoring program.

At the event this year on July 9th, I will once again connect with the incredible women of this community when this year’s grant winner will be announced — the finalists are Arts-Kids, Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Utah, and Holy Cross Ministries.

If you want to join me in giving back and feeling more like a “local,” please go to the website at: http://Parkcitycf.org/givewgf/.

Deborah Ginder
Park City


Treasure is not an ‘us versus them’ issue


After reading the recent letter from Mr. Hurd concerning the Treasure Hill Bond Vote, I felt compelled to respond. Upon reading the letter, what pained me is the idea that this is a “City” problem. We the citizenry are being asked to “bail out the City” because “they” were unable to come to terms with the owners. The last time I checked, we are a representative democracy. Unless I am entirely mistaken, we elected them into office. “They” are “You and me”. The City Council, et al, are your friends, spouses, neighbors, sons and daughters. Do you really think there is an us and them in this deal? Make no mistake, no matter what occurs, the citizenry will pay for this. Whether it’s settled with a Bond, settled with a lawsuit or settled with a massive construction project. To fold your arms and say “Fix it” is what many good Commissioners and Council people have been diligently trying to do for decades. These are smart and hardworking people who have tried to resolve this and there is not any easy answer to Treasure Hill. It is certainly not an issue of us versus them. It’s an issue of We. We all have a huge stake in this and we all should support the Bond.

Rory Murphy
Park City

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