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Letters: A Summit County Council seat will be decided soon, so it’s time to wake up

Time to wake up

We’ve all been in a COVID coma since March — time to wake up. We have a primary in June to elect County Council members, and our participation is critical for a few reasons.

First, there is not a Republican candidate, so the primary is the general election — whoever wins in June wins.

Second, since this is a Democratic primary, only Democrats will automatically receive a ballot in the mail. This candidate will represent everyone, so it’s important we all vote. Non-Democrats can vote, but they will need to request a ballot from the Summit County clerk — request your ballot now.

Third, if the last six weeks have taught us anything, it’s that we need a County Council who will make difficult decisions in the best interest of residents. We need depth and breadth of knowledge.

Almost 90% of Democratic county convention voters gave Roger Armstrong a solid nod to another four years on council. Roger and Chris Robinson have been on council for many years, their experience and leadership will provide the mentorship needed to train new councilors to be effective for the next decade.

The important thing now is selecting the replacement for Kim Carson. My choice is Malena Stevens. She is the only candidate with a background of social services in our county. Her work with the Park City Police Department gives her a voice needed on council. We have members with backgrounds in law, business, lands and the military — we need someone who is familiar with our youth and immigrants, mental health, victim advocacy and law enforcement. Malena has prepared herself for this position by serving on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission and getting a master’s degree in public administration.

Please join me in voting for Malena Stevens for Seat C.

Tania Knauer

Park City

Article hit the trifecta

In a recent article, Summit County’s Latino population faces financial and health impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, The Park Record merged the guilt-inducing platform trifecta of the once-democratic Democratic Party and the media tail that wags it: crony capitalism, identity politics and victimology.

Crony capitalism is where government picks winners and losers. This runs counter current to the free-market system. The hospitality industry is a lead offender in the aiding and abetting of the scofflaws of our nation’s border integrity. The service industries provide a non-sustainable wage and yet get off the hook for the second and third order effects such as demands for housing and medical services when an emergency occurs. Are hoteliers and restaurateurs financially assisting their undocumented workforce? No, instead there is a petition drive demanding landlords forgo rent collection. I suppose, some business are more equal than others — restaurant owners good, landlords bad.

Identity politics panders to the downtrodden in an effect to keep them downtrodden because those who allow themselves to be convinced that they are oppressed are most likely to vote for Democrats, the party that in order to stay in power purchases votes by topping off the welfare trough each election cycle and touts the illusion of compassion and social justice. The flip side of this SJW (Social Justice Warrior) mantra is that (false) compassion is a manipulation, a smoke screen that thinly veils the root of the problem: the soft racism of low expectation.

Victimology: in the not too distant past the genre of western literature and for certain the history of the Paiute, Ute, miners, mountain men and Mormon pioneers who personified toughness, resiliency and self-determination was that of the hero: the man who overcame adversity or the young widow who kept the family farm thriving. Now the left celebrates those who made maybe not the best life choices. Not to say that bad things don’t happen to good people, but viruses don’t discriminate. We are all in this together.

Jerry Heck


A window of opportunity

Although this pandemic has not been very enjoyable from an economic or health perspective, I have really appreciated the uncharacteristically clean air. Driving down to the valley is shocking … and beautiful! The pause in pollution has reinforced the importance — and feasibility — of clean air in Utah. Let’s not return to “normal” after this pandemic eases. If we encourage our representatives, we can make clean air “the new normal!”

If you care about the air we breathe, I encourage you to attend a May 6 “Virtual Town Hall” on clean air and stewardship. Hosted by our local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, it will feature Rep. John Curtis (Utah’s 3rd Congressional District) and Dr. C. Arden Pope, a BYU environmental economics professor and world-renowned expert on air quality. The mayors of Heber, Midway and Price will also attend. To register, go to: tinyurl.com/w27yzke at least 10 minutes before the call.

We have a window of opportunity to discuss with our representatives how we feel about this wonderfully clean air. Join us in making our voices heard!

KC Hildreth


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