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Letters: After court vandalism, pickleballer says sport is here to stay

Pickleballers’ plight

One day this last weekend, Park City pickleball players arrived at the Basin Recreation courts at Willow Creek they share with tennis players and found to their dismay that someone had taken the time and gone to great effort to completely dissemble the portable pickleball nets and scatter the parts around the surrounding athletic fields. Apparently, there were many people nearby engaged in various activities and Basin Recreation employees may have been present. Yet no one noticed or cared to intercede to prevent the act. It took two hours to collect and reassemble the nets and one metal post was never found. This was not the first time that this has happened.

Who would commit such act of vandalism? It is common knowledge that some local tennis players are vocal in expressing their resentment at having to share their courts with pickleball players, but I am reluctant to cast the blame in that direction. If they were the perpetrators, however, they should just accept that pickleball is here to stay and that their misguided actions will not deter the growth or enjoyment of our game. Or perhaps it was some bored delinquent juveniles looking to have some destructive fun who did the misdeed.

In any event, it saddens me that in our fair town full of law abiding friends and neighbors that something like what I’ve described could occur, not just once but two or three times. To make matters worse, the most recent act of vandalism apparently happened in full view of others, without anyone stopping it or reporting it to those in authority. Is it really necessary for Basin Recreation to install security cameras at its outdoor facilities? Has it come to that? One can only hope not.

Bill Redkey
Heber City

Fight for the future

Heads up parents! Your children may want to get involved in a new and rapidly growing nationwide movement of mostly teens and tweens called Sunrise Movement. It addresses the severe impacts of climate change on the planet and urges immediate action be taken, by our public servants to establish new policies and laws. At this time, the Movement is putting great efforts into gathering members to become active citizens in different ways and to build awareness across America, of the great strains humans are putting on our earth. At this time the Sunrise Movement is working to put pressure on the Democratic National Committee, to approve a televised climate debate. The DNC will meet in August and have the chance to vote on whether to organize and televise a climate debate.

Here in my hometown of Park City, we know all about the effects of the warming climate on our ski industry. Folks, we are running out of time to address the existential crisis of damage we have inflicted on our planet. We need each and every presidential candidate to participate in an open and transparent, specifically, climate debate, so we can judge for ourselves, who we will trust to fight for our futures. For more info on this youth organization and how to get involved, go to: sunrisemovement.org/contact.

Jane Riley
Snyderville Basin

Gobsmacked by performance

I just got home from an outdoor concert at Deer Valley that I have been waiting for years: Morgan James, the Siren of Jazz.

I was shocked. Ms. James was just part of the cast and I was gobsmacked that such a jewel played only an equal role in the chorus line. Instead, I saw, and the audience saw, an incredible ensemble of world-class talent. The Utah Symphony, Morgan’s co-star, Debbie Gravitte, the Master of Ceremonies (no credits provided), the staff, the venue — everything was amazing. Just spectacular.

James is a student of Juilliard. Her voice is heaven. She moves beautifully, and she has such stage presence that you think you are watching Katherine Hepburn. A true triple threat.

Well done Morgan! Well done Park City! Hear Here.

Ken Lambert
Park City

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