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Letters: All of us have a teacher to thank

You have a teacher to thank


It was with a heavy heart and numerous discussions which led to writing a letter of resignation for a career that defined who and what I was, a teacher. There are so many connotations that are attached to this one word, teacher, infinitely more than a single person can possibly attain. Nonetheless, if you grew up in the United States, you have encountered at least one individual in this profession that has inspired or changed the way you view yourself or the world.

Foundationally, teachers are generous individuals seeking a better tomorrow, inspiring and demonstrating an environment where students’ voices can and should be heard. Granted, there are a few rogue questions and comments that can derail a classroom discussion, “Really, homework means due tomorrow?” By the same token, enter any school today and you will be rewarded with a teacher most students respect and admire for their tenacity and devotion to the institution of education.

For that reason, as this school year begins, take some time to earnestly watch your child grow in mind and spirit. View their education as a new adventure for them as well as you. As an adult you may not agree with every educational environment, at the same time, you need to ask yourself as a parent, “Is my child learning, analyzing, questioning and making decision on their own, based on what they have learned?” If you can answer a resounding “Yes,” then your child is learning.

With that being said, dive into the educational experience with your student, pick up a book and read along side them, discuss the environment as you walk them to school, point out the governmental process as you watch the news, demonstrate that learning never stops. Within this atmosphere demonstrate that new and different information and viewpoints are a part of the education process. Undoubtedly, you have a teacher to thank for where you are today.

Karen Runke
Park City

An experienced voice

Editor and the Park City Community:

I urge you all to vote to re-elect Nann Worel to another term as a City Council member. She is thoughtful and thorough, always looking for more information before making a decision. She is committed to all of us, and to those in our community who make this town function, but often don’t have what is needed to survive and thrive.

She recognizes that we are ALL lucky to be here. Lucky to be in a town that cares, is beautiful, that recognizes we all have to pull together and help each other to succeed.

Nann’s experienced voice is what we need to continue to tackle the challenges facing our community!

Liza Simpson
Park City

Uniquely qualified


Please join me in voting to re-elect Nann Worel to the Park City Council. Nann is uniquely qualified to represent Park City residents in the many critical and complex decisions challenging our small but growing community. Her experience and capabilities are absolutely essential as we grapple to achieve complicated strategic priorities while striving to maintain the values and vibrant character that make Park City such an enviable place to live and work.

Nann has a long history of serving the Park City community since moving here full time in 2008. In addition to nearing completion of her first four-year term on the Park City Council, Nann was a Park City Planning Commissioner for five years, including two years as its chair. Her depth of knowledge across the incredibly broad range of urgent and intricate issues facing our town is unparalleled. There will be no learning curve for this veteran city councilor!

In addition to her invaluable experience in appointed and elected municipal positions, Nann is passionate about our incredible nonprofit community. She served as the executive director of the People’s Health Clinic for eight years. In her role as a Park City Councilor, Nann is the City Council liaison to many, many indispensable nonprofits in the community, including Peace House, the Library Board, the Public Art Advisory Board, the Senior Center, Habitat for Humanity, the National Ability Center, PC Tots, the Mental Wellness Alliance and the Park City Historical Society.

As vice chair of the board of directors of a local nonprofit, I can personally attest to Nann’s remarkable contribution to the nonprofit sector. Her experience as a local executive director enables her to skillfully and effectively represent our voices to the city regarding various needs and initiatives that are essential to sustaining crucial programs and services.

Nann’s dedication and commitment to our community are exceptional and we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to re-elect her to the Park City Council this November!

Julie Joyce
Park City

Keep the cows

Dear Park City Municipal:

Please don’t ever get rid of the cows. I walk the trail from the barn to the church as often as I can. The best part this year was watching the calves being born and growing. I took young kids there to see them.

The best part of summer is coming down my hill to the stoplight at S.R. 224 where I am greeted daily by a herd of horses and the cows. It makes me smile every day.

I do not disagree that animal slaughter is a nasty business. But not everyone is a vegetarian and whether I am or not doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of my memories of growing up on a farm drinking milk from our own cows.

Beano Solomon
Park City

An act of kindness


This evening I came home to an incredible surprise.… Thank you, Dennis, Mid Mountain Runner!

I biked this morning up and then back down Royal Street and my phone bumped out of my “bike pouch.” This evening I came home to find my driver’s license, a visa card and a kind note from Dennis (no contact information though) at my front door to say he had found the items on the road while running. THANK YOU for your kindness.

All the best, Dennis. Thank you for making this community what it is. I love living here.

Sally Shannon
Park City

A true public servant


I’d like to encourage everyone to vote this November, and I hope you will support Nann Worel for City Council. I have known Nann for over 12 years, including as executive director at the People’s Health Clinic as my boss. She is extremely thoughtful, a great listener, innovative and decisive. She has a compassion for helping others and has been a truly giving public servant. Six years on the Park City Planning Commission and four years on City Council have given her a wealth of hard work, knowledge and experience serving our town in public office. Nann works very hard to reach consensus, but has the willingness and ability to buck the system when needed. I think Nann has done an outstanding job helping our town and neighbors on the Council these past four years, and for many years previously as well. Join me in supporting Nann for City Council!

John Hanrahan
Park City

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