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Letters: Americans need protection from the EPA

We need protection from the EPA


The New York Times reports that relaxed EPA pollution rules could result in 1,400 premature U.S. deaths per year. This is 3 times the number of troop casualties America has experienced per year in Iraq and Afghanistan combined during the last 16 years. Some easy multiplication reveals that Trump’s efforts to undo coal plant emission standards will result in 22,400 unnecessary deaths in the next 16 years compared to approximately 7,000 in our current wars during an equivalent time period. It seems we need some urgent protection from our own protection agencies.

Nick Wright
Park City


Wheaton’s leadership will be missed

Editor: On behalf of the 30-plus employees at Park City Rental Properties, we would like to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Bob Wheaton for his 30-plus years of dedicated service, direction, and leadership at Deer Valley Resort and within the ski industry as a whole. Deer Valley and Park City have prospered and become what they are today in large part because of Bob Wheaton, and we say “Thank You” for all you have done over the years. Deer Valley’s eight-time recognition as the Best Ski Resort in the world says it all. There is a great team behind the man who has been at the helm; yet, the leadership he has provided is second-to-none. We wish you and your successor all the best in your new endeavors.

Bob Wheaton, you will be missed.

Jim and Debbie Bizily, Brian Selleck, Jim Anderson, Gabe Weinem, Ally Murphy, Jessie Sharp and Rich Ford
Park City Rental Properties

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