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Letters: Border situation is cause for Parkites to protest

Border situation is cause for protest


I appreciate the outrage by so many caring members of our community in response to the government’s policy of separating children from their parents at our borders. This widespread shock and pain seems to cross ideological divisions. While recent alterations to the original zero-tolerance policy indicate that the Administration hears the people’s cry, the problem is not solved. Thousands of children remain separated and housed in facilities around the country. Former First Lady, Laura Bush, wrote in a recent opinion piece for The Washington Post that this is “cruel (and) … immoral. Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children…” In order to sustain opposition to this policy, I will be joining the group, Families Belong Together (an off-shoot of MoveOn.org), as part of a nationwide protest this Saturday, June 30, at 10 a.m. on the steps of the Utah Capitol. I encourage others to participate (you may register online). A suggestion has been made that thousands of pairs of shoes (preferably children’s sizes and tied together for re-donation after the event) be placed on the steps as a symbolic reminder of these missing children. If you come, please bring shoes. If you can’t come on Saturday, but want to help, donation boxes for shoes have been placed at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (4595 N. Silver Springs Road), Park City Community Church (4501 N. S.R. 224, facing Bear Hollow Drive), and Align Spa (1792 Bonanza Drive, facing the Rail Trail). Donations will be accepted through Thursday evening. Thank you for caring for the children and for strengthening our democratic process.

Mary McEntire
Park City


Eat your way to green space


Once again, Mayor Andy is leading the charge for positive environmental impact, “Perks of plant-based diet”, Park Record June 9-12. As always, he can be humorous and persuasive at the same time.

If we are not already in the midst of a water war, I fear we will be in our lifetime. We’d gladly trade that pound of beef for 2,500 gallons. So would the cow. Even if we don’t want to think about the inhumane treatment of most animals in our food chain, the water problem and greenhouse gas, not to mention poop-per-second ought to make us think hard about our choices.

Benny and I do eat meat, but sparingly. Rarely at home. I’d have a difficult time giving up yogurt and eggs. We can research the best sources for our products. There are more and more folks with backyard chickens from whom we can purchase eggs. And as Andy said, support our local farmers. Eat your way to saving green space.

I have tried to adopt the advice of author Michael Pollan, “Vote with your fork.” Recently, we discovered a new-to-us vegan recipe, curry tofu with fresh mango chutney. Look it up. My fork, and Benny’s chopsticks, vote for it!

Becky Yih
Park City

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