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Letters: Children ask PCMR to bring back night skiing or turn off the lights

Children chime in on PCMR lights

Dear Vail Resorts,

We were driving into Park City and I asked my dad if we could go night skiing and he said you don’t do it any more. So I asked him “Why are the lights on?” He said “For decoration.” And I said “They are wasting the batteries.” So could you turn them off when you are not using them? Or you could let us go night skiing again? Please!

Olivia, 6, and Andrew Phillips, 5
Park City


Hopes for the new year

The New Year comes. We all have resolutions, but those are really personal things aren’t they? At the same time, we have our broader hopes for each other and how we would like life to be. Different than resolutions, but so important in how we shape our lives, how we wish for what could be, how we wish for each other.

My resolutions are my business. But let me share with you my hopes:

1. That each of us all live to be 100, at least, in good health, and that we continue to be connected and increase that connection in the future.

2. That each of us understand that we have as many exciting possibilities in our futures — all the way to the end — as we dreamed and imagined when were young. And that we embrace those possibilities.

3. That we not accept our frailties, whatever they may be, but always labor to become stronger no matter the challenges so that we may address the future as warriors and not victims or invalids.

4. That we all be strong leaders in our aging, not only of our families, but of our communities by giving back and by speaking up about the things that our important to our futures.

5. That we teach our children well their parent’s hell. That we not forget the lessons of our youth, that we pass those on to our children, and that our love for them will carry them through.

Michael Witte
Park City


Accurate information needed

I was deeply concerned to read the article “Peak Medical Center specializes in hormone therapy.” The use of the words “doctor” multiple times and labeling of Ms. Clark as a “family practitioner” seems an intentional effort to misrepresent her as a physician to the reading public. It is not until the middle of the article that she is correctly identified as a nurse.

Testosterone therapy is known to carry an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality, and physician endocrinologists study an additional three to four years before they are licensed to prescribe this medication. It is not something to be undertaken lightly, and patients should have the most accurate information before choosing a treatment plan and a health care provider.

Rebekah Bernard
Fort Myers, Florida


Thanks for the support

The Summit County Auditor’s office would like to thank the following sponsors that donated goods or services to the Utah Association of Counties Gift Basket awarded at the Annual Convention in St. George:

• DeJoria Center
• Utah Olympic Park
• Bill White Enterprises
• Tanger Outlets
• Coalville City

We would like to give special recognition and thanks to Shelly Peters of Park City for the beautiful painting. It was superb and a perfectly fitting example of who and what can be artistically found in Summit County. Thank you again for your continuing support of Summit County.

Stephanie Neill
On behalf of the Summit County Auditor’s office


Heartfelt holiday thanks

Now that the new year has begun, there are a number of people who deserve a big THANK YOU for enabling us to enjoy the holidays. There are the snow plow drivers who made sure that we could get from our homes to parties around the area, regardless of some welcome snow falls. We also have the police, firefighters and EMT folks who were on duty around the clock just in case something bad happened to any of the rest of us despite the holiday season. How about all of those people working at the resorts and restaurants so that we could enjoy our great mountains and restaurants? Let us also not forget the folks of the USPS, Fed Ex, DHL and UPS who delivered all those goodies to our homes. And the ones who deserve the most thanks are the men and women in our military who are deployed around the world, including many places not on the Conde Nast list, so that all of us can enjoy living in this wonderful country. Heartfelt thanks to all of you from all of us!

Ken Miller
Park City

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