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Letters: Clearing the sidewalks is paramount for pedestrian safety


Clear snow from sidewalks

Living in Redstone strongly appeals to me due to how easy it is to get around to complete shopping, entertainment, access to our incredible free bus system and various errands. My father and his father before him were deemed unfit to drive in their later years and I suspect I will be in the same boat at some point in the future. Now in my 68th year, still healthy and have a very deep interest in green building and energy conservation. I’ve made a serious attempt in my daily life to be one less vehicle on the road and went three months a few winters ago without driving at all, using the bus system when having to travel beyond walking distance. For a few years now I’ve been communicating with the Summit County Council and any staffers I could gain the ear of in an effort to enforce what would be standard sidewalk snow clearance in any other city I can imagine. I even attended council public meetings with regards to the Blue Ribbon Committee for plans to better direct “future” development in the Kimball Junction area. At the last BRC meeting I raised the issue of clearing sidewalks in the Redstone/Newpark area and at first was told it was private property. A council member requested of a staffer whether the county could enforce sidewalk clearing on private property and was told that they do in fact have the authority. There are sidewalks used as snow storage areas, a sidewalk at the back corner of the Smith’s store, dumpster doors left open that impede sidewalks, sidewalks and crosswalks that disappear in the winter, and the situation has not changed no matter who I attempt to contact. With a pedestrian fatality in Park City this year and a huge increase in pedestrian fatalities nationwide, I’m begging for something to be done. The snowbanks have created extremely narrowing roads virtually in every neighborhood. With no sidewalks available, pedestrians are forced to walk in these roadways, encountering many drivers not paying a whole lot of attention. How many deaths and major injuries will it take before the authorities decide to take contractors to task for dangerous and shoddy work?

Bob Berube


A practical and pragmatic leader

I have done my homework, and from what I have learned and seen Mike Bloomberg is the only candidate with an unmatched record of accomplishment in business, in government and in philanthropy that can get things done. From my days campaigning in Utah’s first congressional district, I know that Mike is talking about issues Utahns care about. He has a proven record of: implementing actions to improve air quality and taking on climate crisis head on; strengthening education and improving graduation rates; creating jobs through economic diversification; financing affordable housing while state and federal housing budgets were cut; and managing and balancing complex budgets. We do not need more politicians on the ideological extremes with no practical experience. I am not looking for a brilliant debater, an inspirational leader or a reality TV figure, I am looking for a leader with practical and pragmatic experience who can bring us together and get the job done. Mike’s record speaks for itself, and that is why I support him.

Donna Matturro McAleer

Park City resident and former Democratic nominee for Utah’s 1st Congressional District

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