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Letters: Columnist should have saluted pro-environment efforts, not mocked them

Salute efforts, don’t mock them

In the Dec. 29, 2018 — Jan. 1, 2019 edition of The Park Record, columnist Tom Clyde writes that “Park City’s vegan community got their arugula in a twist when cattle began grazing on the historic ranch land on the entrance to town. Some of them were on City-owned property, which was obviously some kind of official endorsement of eating meat and destroying the world with cow flatulence. Worse, each of the cows had been given a plastic straw (a reference to the ski resorts’ decision to minimize plastic). Somehow, we survived.” Why this glib contempt for pro-environment initiatives and values? Instead of indulging in ill-informed jibes at Park City’s growing vegan population, perhaps Mr. Clyde should consider the realities of meat production beyond the purely pastoral. Perhaps he should try to understand why a plant-based diet is increasingly being adopted by all levels of society — from everyday people after a health scare to parents inspired by their compassionate children to scientists concerned about the disastrous global impact of meat production. Perhaps he should spend some time at a slaughterhouse with the animals who die there and the unfortunate workers unable to find employment anywhere else. Or maybe he should have a chat with one of the many Park City-based doctors who are encouraging their patients to adopt a plant-based diet for the sake of their long-term health and well-being? We live in a world where every pro-environment initiative — small and large — should be saluted rather than mocked. Yeah, somehow we all survived for another year — no thanks to the snide, dismissive attitudes of Mr. Clyde and others like him.

Liz Hecht
Park City


Changes needed to bus routes

Like Renee Miller and others who recently wrote letters in regards to the new transit lines, I am a Park City resident and frequent user of our world-class transit system. Unfortunately due to the recent changes to the routes, the hundreds of residential units in and around Silver Springs are now stranded, with little to no options for reasonable, efficient public transportation.

The No. 7 Pink line used to, and still does, run through Silver Springs. Unfortunately, it now terminates around the Canyons Village base, meaning residents have to transfer to the White bus to make it to Main Street. While this is not detrimental, it is an inconvenience and adds at least 10-15 minutes to the trip. When you can drive to Main Street in 10 minutes or so, adding 10-15 minutes to an already 10-15 minute trip is mind-boggling.

Despite this, the true problem lies with the fact that I, and the hundreds of residential units around me, now cannot get a bus from the Canyons station to Silver Springs past 11:08 p.m. It seems the only option is the Electric Express, which stops no where near the hundreds of residential units in Silver Springs. I now cannot take the bus to night shifts at work or to Main Street for late-night entertainment. With Utah now enforcing the strictest DUI law in the country, is this the message our public transit team wants to be sending? Should I avoid patronizing our local restaurants and bars due to the hassle?

A very simple solution to this would be requiring the No. 10 White bus to come through Silver Springs on the same route as the No. 7 Pink. This way, Silver Springs residents would have a direct option to the Main Street transit center, with very little change to current transit lines.

Or we can bring back the original Pink route. Either way, please help us have the ability to use our amazing public transportation system!

Brian Mehregan
Park City

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