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Letters: Community must meet the challenge COVID-19 presents


Time to meet the challenge

To the fine people of Summit and Wasatch Counties in face of the COVID-19 virus.

Last week, Father Bob Bussen and I met for coffee and conversation as we often have for many years. We talked about the virus and the response of our community and nation. We see it this way.

First, we are called to do the right thing medically: to maintain some social distance, to not meet in large groups, to wash our hands often, touch our faces less, sneeze into our elbows. To stop the spread of the virus, we must do this. It is the right thing for the good of all.

However this medical protocol works against what we also desperately need to do just as much, to stay in touch, to not be isolated from one another, to care for each other. Our communities and our nation are fractured enough. The virus doesn’t care about our skin color, language, nationality, immigration status, whether we live in a fancy home, or no home at all.

We are Utahns. We are residents of Park City and Summit and Wasatch counties. We can rise to this challenge. We will. First, let’s do what’s medically effective. Follow the protocol. The counties and the state have published and shared solid information. Secondly, let’s stay in touch with each other. Remember the elderly, those who need help, all who are homebound, those who are hungry. Reach out.

The most common phrase in the Christian scriptures is “Do not be afraid.” There is no need for panic. Whether or not we are religious, these words help us move forward with faith, determination and courage for the good of all. We believe this is our calling now as a community. This is our time to meet this challenge. We know we can do it.

Pastor Jeffrey Louden

Park City

Common sense needed

This is not about COVID-19. It is, however, about the lack of common sense (and outright unkindness, and sense of entitlement) displayed by some locals not just at the moment, but during the winter cold-and-flu season generally.

Recently, at a local breakfast joint, a mother with three obviously ill children entered, and those kids proceeded to cough all over the place, including over me, at which I became (I think understandably) somewhat upset. I am an immune-impaired senior, and while I did not imagine those kids had anything more nefarious than a cold, I could be severely impacted even by that. Why do people think it is OK to go out and cough all over others when they are clearly ill, even if it is just a cold or flu? I don’t blame the kids, but the lack of common sense and lack of common courtesy shown by the mother are mind-boggling. It’s basic, it’s admittedly old-fashioned, and it’s what we all need to do: If you are sick, with anything, stay the heck home.

I would like publicly to apologize to the mother and her little boy, for reacting to him in an overly loud tone, but seriously, he coughed in my face from a point-blank range. I’d also like to offer a really huge shout-out to the other customer present (at a guess, one of our charming “New Parkites”), who took a moment to look up from her phone and berate me loudly for upsetting the child. When I pointed out to her that I am a senior and immune-impaired, she smiled oh so sweetly and told me that therefore, I was the one at fault who should be staying at home. Such lovely, lovely people so many of our new neighbors are! I’d also like to thank the staff and owners of the breakfast place in question, who apologized to me profusely for the incident having happened at their business. At least working-class Parkites still have some decency. You all know who you are.

Sarah Wood

Park City

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