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Letters: Compromise needed between commercial landlords and tenants

Compromise needed

In light of the present coronavirus crisis, there has been a notable underlying tension between commercial landlords and tenants in Summit County and throughout Utah regarding their rights and responsibilities in maintaining the status quo, but at the same time protecting themselves from a serious and even potentially deadly infection.

On the one hand, businesses of virtually every stripe are losing a substantial part of their customer base because people are afraid to go out of doors to travel even limited distances, except for very limited purposes. On the other hand, landlords have their own bills to pay and want to continue collecting the rent on their properties according to the express terms of their lease agreements.

Realistically, however, both landlords and tenants have to recognize that the coronavirus is a genuine, if temporary, gamechanger. Gov. Herbert has recognized this by decreeing that certain rental payments may be deferred, temporarily. For the future, this means that landlords would be well-advised, where it is feasible, to continue deferring the collection of rents during the time the virus remains active or, in the alternative, to offer a discounted rental rate until the crisis subsides. This works to the benefit of both parties because the landlord still gets some or all of the rent, albeit perhaps belatedly, and also benefits from having the property leased with deferred payments. A vastly different result ensues where neither party compromises on these issues and the tenant is evicted, for then the landlord may be stuck with a property that will not be re-leased at any price until the present troubles have ended. And, in that scenario, both the landlord and the tenant lose. It’s a significantly better result, in my view, if both parties compromise in some degree so that the financial affairs of both the landlord and the tenant may thrive once this emergency is behind us.

Thomas N. Thompson

Salt Lake City

A true conservative

What an amazing time to be an American! This is truly a favored nation and our future is both bright and stellar! For the first time in 18 years, the 1st Congressional District, our district, has an open seat and we need to have a congressman that has the Wasatch Back’s stamp of approval. I have total confidence that Kerry Gibson is the man to build our bridge to our marvelous future. Kerry has been a lifetime resident of the 1st District and has been part of the family’s fifth-generation dairy farm his entire life, which directly connects him with the issues we all face daily. He has the grit to fight the gridlock in D.C. and has the record to prove it. We have to have him represent us in Washington, and I am satisfied he will represent our values well.

Kerry is a constitution man! He doesn’t support just one amendment; he supports all the amendments. He knows exactly what our district needs and how best to represent every aspect including small business, key employers and economic contributors, and he is the only candidate that truly understands the importance of our agricultural sector. While working with the governor, he fought to protect our lands from federal government overreach and supported our much-needed farmers and ranchers. As a state legislator he protected our rights to bear arms and fought protect the life of the unborn. As a Weber County commissioner, he understood that local issues are local, and the federal government should have little or no input.

He understands the diversity of our district and he is one of us. As a lifelong Chalk Creek rancher, small business owner and former county Republican leader, I have known Kerry for many years and have worked with him on a variety of projects. I can attest to his work ethic, his charisma in working on teams and his ability to immediately make important contributions to our district and state. While he is a team player, he is not afraid to stand alone when the issue requires it, but he won’t stand alone long as others will soon follow his lead! Please, beckon to my call, vote for Kerry Gibson and help send a true conservative fighter to D.C.

Tom Boyer


Harte has service mentality

As a resident of Oakley for almost 3 years, and with family here for over 20 years, I am proud to call Summit County home. I am also grateful to serve as a member of the Summit County Search and Rescue volunteer team. Our objective is to serve the entire county but a majority of our work takes place in the Uinta forest. We operate under the authority of the sheriff in close association with Summit County leadership.

For the last couple of years our team has been additionally served by The Friends of Summit County Search and Rescue organization. Canice Harte has been serving as a board member over the last couple years, which has allowed me to get to know him as well as his genuine leadership style. As a member of the Summit County SAR team it has been very comforting to know Canice has your back. Whether he is raising funds to get us critical safety gear or jumping on a snowmobile in the dead of winter to participate in a backcountry training mission. He has volunteered his experience, his service-oriented mentality and great ideas to enhance the program so we can more effectively do our jobs.

This is the type of hands-on leadership our county needs during these pandemic times. His skillset, experience and dedicated service mentality will positively impact our community. I urge my fellow Summit County neighbors to vote for Canice Harte for Summit County Council.

Dave Diehl


Parkite will be missed

We have lost a dear member of our community, Donna VanBuren. I first met Donna when I joined the Park City Rotary Club and she was quick to make sure I felt comfortable. At that point I did not know Donna very well, but one night while volunteer DJing for KPCW, I received a call in the studio and it was Donna just giving me a ring to say I was doing a great job. It seems like such a small thing, but in truth it meant a lot to me as I was new to town and new to DJing. Since those early interactions, I got to know Donna better through my work as a Snyderville Basin planning commissioner. Donna, who also served on the commission, would attend meetings regularly to follow up on key issues and stay informed, and we always appreciated her sage advice and perspective. More recently Donna had been helping me with my campaign for County Council, offering advice and guidance. Donna was a kind and generous person — always ready to step up and serve our community. I will miss her. Our community has lost one of the great ones.

Canice Harte


You won’t regret a vote for Stevens

I support Malena Stevens for Summit County Council. Malena is an incredible leader. When I worked at Park City Municipal, Malena and I worked on several projects together, and I saw her leadership skills in action.

First, Malena helped create and chaired the Women in Leadership program at Park City Municipal. She worked with state organizations and business leaders to provide presentations and events for employees to promote leadership from all levels. Staff from the city, as well as women and men from the community, attended these events to learn more about their own ability to lead in this community. Malena’s support for gender and social equity was inspiring.

Second, Malena ran the Utah History Lecture series. Malena took the lead and worked with the sponsor to provide an incredible series, which was geared toward the aging population in Summit County. Once each month, the library community room was packed with retired residents who loved to gather and learn. Malena served the aging population by providing an event which was engaging and that brought people together. Our aging population is in need of these types of dedicated events, and I know Malena will continue working to serve all residents within our county.

Lastly, I saw Malena handle a demanding job at the Park City Police Department with incredible expertise. She has consistently used her analytical skills to run financials for departments with large budgets. Malena also works with the public to given them time and attention needed to resolve their issues. And she knows how to work as a team with others — I have seen her do that with the Police Department, staff throughout Park City Municipal and with elected officials. You will not regret voting for her!

Katie Madsen


Stevens gets things done

I would like to urge readers to vote for Malena Stevens for County Council. I have known Malena and her husband Scott for over five years. I have always been impressed with her as a person and a leader in the community. I have found her to be honest, hardworking, intelligent and well versed on topics that touch our lives here in Summit County. Over the years I have watched as Malena worked hard to serve the community as a whole and also individual members of the community.

Not only has Malena been involved in the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, Kimball Junction Master Plan Committee, Domestic Violence Coalition, and Suicide Prevention Coalition, Malena has taken the time to focus on individual needs. I have watched as she helped families experiencing intergenerational poverty find jobs, homes and care for their children. I have seen Malena help people in crisis get through tough times. Her work with the Police Department has allowed her to have a deeper understanding of what people go through in this county.

The best reasons to vote for Malena Stevens have nothing to do with her education or volunteer work. The best reason is that she is a person who will get things done. She is a tireless advocate for the people whom she serves. She will listen to you and take your needs and circumstances into account as she helps make decisions to better our lives in Summit County.

Timothy Wade Hinrichs

Snyderville Basin

Harte understands community’s values

As a volunteer entering my second three-year term on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, I have had the unique perspective of working alongside both current candidates for County Council Seat C. While I am proud to know and work alongside both Canice Harte and Malena Stevens, and I admire both of them for their respective service to the community and commitment to stepping up in these difficult times, I believe Canice’s willingness to put his neck on the line and do what is right for the residents of Summit County, whether you reside in Old Town or Oakley, Park Meadows or Peoa, Wanship or Woodland, Snyderville or Samak, is the leadership and experience we need now more than ever.

Commissioner Stevens and I were appointed to the SBPC on the same day a little over three years ago, and at that time Canice had already served almost a full term. During that time, prior to my term, Canice was involved in the drafting of the language in the General Plan, which to this day is the lens we look through in every Planning Commission decision. As the most senior member of today’s SBPC, Canice constantly keeps the compass needle oriented towards the principles in the General Plan that were identified as most important to the community at the time of the drafting of that plan: open space, recreation, walkability, wildlife, less density, critical land preservation, water conservation, affordable housing, transit and traffic mitigation, just to name a few.

I believe these are the things the community still most values today, and adding to that list, we will need increased efforts and commitments to sustainability and the resiliency of our community from our elected officials. It will be important looking forward that, in order to dig ourselves out of a hole, we don’t fool ourselves and just put more shovels in the ground, because that will just dig a bigger hole. I believe Canice has the big-picture vision and leadership qualities that will help us emerge as the community we aspire to be, instead of attempting to rush back to the community that we were becoming. I urge every voter in this election to ask both candidates where they stand, and engage with them on the issues that are most important to our community.

Thomas Cooke

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission

Respond to the rollbacks

As an American, I rely heavily on the actions of policymakers to provide leadership and create regulations that provide us with a sense of security and keep us safe. During the pandemic, from the president down, I have seen the exact opposite.

A civil servant’s job is to ensure public safety, but instead of providing that the Trump administration is deregulating our protections. Too many leaders have been downplaying truth with suggestion on the pandemic and the environment. Many of our leaders continue to choose the economy over the health of our community.

While our world struggles through this pandemic, the Trump administration rolled back one of the most effective and broadly supported climate and health policies, the Clean Car Standards. These standards have saved Utahns over $270 million and by 2030, these standards would save Utah households up to $3,000 annually in lower fuel prices, along with the benefits it has for our air quality.

If you enjoy clean air and paying less at the pump, contact Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and ask him to have Utah join the lawsuit against the rollbacks on our Clean Car standards.

Maurena Grossman

Salt Lake City

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