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Letters: Convert City Hall into affordable housing

Affordable housing idea


Here’s an idea that could result in many new affordable housing units — a bold move demonstrating City Hall’s passion and willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of Parkites.

City government should move out of City Hall on Marsac Avenue and redevelop the building as affordable housing. I would guess you could get 20-30 units out of it. The location is ideal. The infrastructure is already in place. There are very few close neighbors to complain. Could be a slam dunk.

Meanwhile, the city builds new offices in the Bonanza/Iron Horse neighborhood, where it already has extensive operations facilities. No need to change the land use or affect open space, and it would probably be cheaper than developing residential from scratch. And, it seems more friendly than the large golden blockhouse that currently lords over the town.

Just an idea.

Tom Horton
Park City

Iconic land at risk


Almost 30 years ago I was sitting at a table across from the owner of what would become Park City’s most prized open space purchase — the Osgathorpe Dairy/McPolin Barn. What I knew then as mayor and I believe remains true today is that we often only get one chance to save a critical piece of open space.

Now there is another iconic Park City landscape at risk, Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures. Fifteen years from now we will not be asking ourselves why we saved the pastures, but we will be kicking ourselves if development becomes the destiny for this land. There is no doubt that if we miss this opportunity to save the Armstrong Pastures the development offers that follow will look to increase density beyond the base 1/3 acre zoning already allowed. This could dramatically change the character of the neighborhood and add to the traffic congestion the community already faces.

I urge you to support the preservation of this landscape. It is truly one of the last pieces in a legacy of open space protection that began in 1990. A legacy which has made this town the home that so many of us love.

Bradley Olch
Former Park City mayor

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