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Letters: Correcting the Park Record on impeachment

Partisan impeachment

The Park Record editorial board is making a mistake taking sides in the Trump impeachment debate. There is a lot more to this matter than the Democrat talking points being parroted by the media. The failure of the Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives to run a fair and unbiased investigation, like the bipartisan investigations in the Nixon and Clinton impeachment cases that allowed the president’s defenders to call witnesses and to have uninterrupted cross examinations of witnesses, raises serious questions about the legitimacy of the impeachment vote. Having an extreme partisan like Adam Schiff run the hearings, who for two years falsely claimed to have evidence of Trump’s collusion with the Russians, undermines any chance for a bipartisan result. The partisan games being played by the Democrat leadership, including the current failure to forward the matter to the Senate, suggests weakness in their case against Trump. Now they want to fix their mess by calling witnesses in the Senate trial that the House committees could have called during their investigations.

Sen. Lee is right in asserting that the impeachment was a purely partisan matter. The Democrats and their media friends have been trying to get rid of Trump from the day he was elected, as illustrated by their fraudulent Russian collusion story. Sen. Romney should let the Democrats stew in their own juice and make his decisions based on the not-very-compelling record that has been prepared by the House of Representatives. Since they haven’t forwarded the articles of impeachment to the Senate, the House of Representatives can still reopen its investigation and call the witnesses that they now claim are important to the case. Reopening the case would be embarrassing to the Democrat leadership. But if they are serious about this matter, that is what they will have to do.

F. Joseph Feely III

Park City

Play, learn and dream

As the year draws to an end, I would like to thank the 64 organizations, nonprofits and businesses with which we partner for their continued support of our after-school programs, Get Out & Play and ACTiV8. Over the past five years, we’ve grown from serving five Park City elementary schools to 12 schools located throughout Summit County serving first through ninth grades. It is through our community collaboration with diverse organizations such as Park City Municipal, Solomon Fund, Switchback Sports and Vail Resorts EpicPromise that we now offer more than 100 different classes to more than 1,600 students annually.

We are best known for our learn-to-ski and snowboard program. Each week in January and early February, buses are dispatched to area elementary schools to carry students to and from lessons. Through our partnership with Vail Resorts EpicPromise, 500 students learn to ski and snowboard on Friday early-release days each year. Since 2015, this affordable five-week program has provided 12,905 ski and snowboard lessons to 2,581 students in Summit County.

Our partnership extends far beyond the boundaries of Park City Mountain Resort. EpicPromise provided seed money to launch ACTiV8. This middle school and junior high program offers later-entry sports such as biathlon and rowing. These students also have the opportunity to take healthy lifestyle and art enrichment classes designed to get them off their screens. From our launch at Ecker Hill Middle School in 2016, it’s grown to include Treasure Mountain Junior High, Silver Summit Academy and South Summit Middle School, with plans to expand to Wasatch County schools next year. ACTiV8 has served more than 1,500 students in its short history.

We are grateful for our community support and look forward to helping more kids learn to play, learn and dream in the new year.

Emily S. Fisher

Youth Sports Alliance executive director

Trash troubles

So, what is going on with our garbage men and women? They seem to selectively collect whatever barrel is around. But not all of them. Their call.

We live on a small street where four homes live together, and we bundle our garbage cans to help the garbage guys with their work. Typically, we generate about five barrels of stuff every week.

This week, of the five garbage cans, two were left behind for some reason. I don’t get it. And either do the neighbors.

Why can’t our brothers and sisters who are sanitation experts just pick up all five barrels? I mean, come on…

Ken Lambert

Snyderville Basin

Carson on right track

Kudos to Summit Councilwoman Kim Carson as reported in the Dec. 14 edition of The Park Record, where she points out that $770,000 apportioned in the Basin Recreation budget increase for capital projects is a place the district could cut. This line item in the recently approved budget is for “future” capital projects, some of which could be funded by the Transit Room Tax (TRT) funds. According the Utah statute, 53% of TRT funds “can be spent on tourism projects and impacts visitors have on communities.” Basin Rec freely admits that if all the funds in the “Capital Projects” reserve are not committed, they can be reallocated to “Operations & Maintenance” (O&M). As a starting point, reducing the “Capital Projects” from $770,000 to $370,00 would result in a reduction in the tax rate increase from $.000263 to $.000219 — a much welcome relief for the taxpayers of the county and a much more transparent use of funding. Even use of a scalpel to hone this budget line is open to further review — is the potential additional increase in O&M of $370,000 year over year substantiated in addition to the other line items in the budget increase specifically for O&M? Kim Carson is on the right track.

Jamie Brotherton

Jeremy Ranch

Over-the-top rhetoric

In response to a guest editorial in the Dec. 14-17 edition by John White titled “Senate Republicans hold future of our republic in their hands”:

It’s not like there are no valid ways to criticize Donald Trump. There are plenty. But repeatedly asserting that he is an authoritarian dictator who is subverting the Constitution and putting our republic at risk is demonstrably not among them. There’s a whole branch of government dedicated to identifying the exact behavior Mr. White alleges. At the top of that branch is the Supreme Court of the United States, where Donald Trump has fared remarkably well. Meanwhile, the most overturned president in U.S. history was, and continues to be, his immediate predecessor.

None of this would merit comment in a local paper given the daily torrent of similar polemics by politicians, media personalities, academics and entertainers. But this kind of over-the-top rhetoric should be flagged in this community, where just this year high school students were chemically attacked and hospitalized over politics.

Maybe it’s time for adults around here to start setting an example. Every political difference does not need to be hyped into an existential threat. Apparently, the children are listening too, and it’s proven to be dangerous.

Ron Reich

Park City

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