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Letters: County Councilor says local gun registry is a worthy idea

Elected officials are taking us for a ride


Proving it’s not only Park City bus drivers taking us for a ride. Our elected city officials are too.

(Apologies to the White Line drivers, we all know they don’t take anyone for a ride)

The City spends over $1 million dollars to purchase “existing affordable housing” only to evict local residents, to not only install their own personnel, but spend another half a million dollars to bring it up to their standards.

Easy to have such standards when you don’t use your own money!

And after spending nearly $2 million dollars of our taxpayer money making existing residents homeless in the process, they have created absolutely nothing. Not one additional bed of affordable housing!

Restrictions attached to the units “would have been lost” they squawk. Well if they believed that, they could have purchased the units to keep its affordable housing status intact, given it a lick of paint and secured the homes for its residents. (their constituents)

Not implement the disgraceful act of evicting residents at the onset of winter, with little or no chance of finding any accommodation this side of Evanston. Wy.

But then that would be the right thing to do!

It’s now plain for all to see, the Mayor and his band of followers are pursuing their own zealous agenda, and as this shows, without any consideration for the residents of Park City.

I call on the Mayor, use the forum this paper provides and explain the reasoning behind this purchase with the subsequent eviction of town residents, after all you promised to represent residents if elected, so now is the time to honor that promise, if you can.

Andrew Morphett

Park City

Primary is chance to have voice heard


This month’s Republican primary is an important opportunity to have your voice heard, please be sure to mail in your ballot. If you have questions about how to register or cast your vote visit: http://www.vote.utah.gov.

The State Senate Republican primary for the 26th district offers voters in Park City a chance to choose a candidate who would represent the best interests of all residents with a sensible, common sense and principled approach to issues affecting Park City, the Wasatch Back and Utah.

Jack Rubin, a Park City resident, is running for the Republican nomination. Jack is a family man who understands how local interests can be balanced with Utah and national priorities by bringing a true conservative approach to issues.

I visited with Jack at a local charity fundraiser and was impressed with his knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm for the issues that impact all of us. I believe Jack would be a positive voice in the Utah Senate for Park City and the entire 26th District.

I urge all voters to do some listening and research about the candidates and exercise your right to vote.

My father taught me that if you don’t vote, you should not complain about how political decisions effect your life, give yourself that option, vote. I plan to vote for Jack.

Jon Burke

Park City

Local gun registry is a worthy idea


Last Thursday students from PCHS ran a terrific public forum on prevention of gun violence. I salute their dedication to this cause.

A question that was presented to the panel of legislators and candidates involved setting up a local registry of gun ownership. Such a registry would enhance the safety of our local law enforcement officers and provide a data base for removing guns from those most likely to use them criminally. While I do not anticipate that our state legislature would establish such a registry, local communities should be allowed to do so.

The immediate shouted response from the NRA attendees was that this would be a “slippery slope” to gun confiscation. Representatives Wilde and Quinn agreed with that assessment. I dispute that evaluation.

First, Heller v. DC clearly would not allow for a general confiscation of guns.

Second, a selective confiscation of guns from those with histories of violence, particularly, but not exclusively, domestic violence should be a tool that could be valuable to law enforcement.

Third, such a data base would be useful to law enforcement should a family member, school employee, or mental health professional refer a person to law enforcement. A quick check of that database could tell whether this person had access to firearms. This would also be of immense value to police and sheriff deputies responding to disturbances calls. It might be nice if they knew there was an arsenal in the building they were approaching.

The Bill of Rights is an important document in preserving basic freedoms of all Americans, but there is an earlier document that also addresses this issue, in discussing the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Balancing these two rights is not a “slippery slope”. It is a judgement that each individual should make when they go to the polls and when they support or oppose organizations that attempt to influence public policy.

Glenn Wright

Summit County Council

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