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Letters: Current and former elected officials weigh in on Park City Council race

Former mayor endorses Worel


I had the honor of serving as Mayor of Park City from 1990-2002. I can say with confidence, if Nann Worel had been a City Councilwomen during my tenure, many of the current issues we face today, traffic, affordable housing, losing our small town feel would be far easier to solve. Nann is a visionary. She is a leader who understands we don’t need Band Aid solutions, but rather a long term strategy that works both now and for a Park City decades from now.

Under Nann’s direction and thoughtful foresight, the People’s Health Clinic went from a run down trailer to a state-of- art medical facility the cares for the underserved on our community. As a Planning Commissioner, Nann was instrumental in building consensus in a number of controversial development projects and ensuring Park City residents were represented in the process. As a City Councilwomen for the past four years, Nann has been committed to understanding the issues, considering the impact of each vote, and being accessible to the constituents she serves.

Today’s Park City, and the Park City of the future, need Nann. I hope that you will join me in voting for Nann this November.

Bradley A. Olch

Former Park City mayor

Nann and Becca are assets on City Council


After spending the last three years working closely with incumbents Nann Worel and Becca Gerber, I fully support them both for their second term on Park City Council. In the last year and a half, I have served on City Council alongside them (the previous 1.5 years as a staff member) and see what an asset they both are to our community. Nann Worel works tirelessly behind the scenes to support our diverse community. She has a special connection to our nonprofit community, and while her passions lie with our underserved community, she has unique influence across the socio-economic spectrum and in turn fosters understanding among divergent groups. Becca Gerber is a champion of the workforce and works diligently to daylight the realities that group faces in our community so their voices are heard. Her experience having grown up, and now raising a young family, in Park City is a crucial voice on City Council. Her support of those trying to live and work here gives her the momentum to stand solid when she sees any potential decision as out of touch with that population. Please give Nann and Becca your vote to continue the good work they’ve started!

Lynn Ware Peek

Park City Council member

Support for Trailside program


After researching the Welcoming Schools program, we wholeheartedly support Trailside’s faculty and principal as well as the Park City School District in their effort to equip teachers with tools to address bias-based bullying in their classrooms. We are concerned that a small but vocal group seems to be acting out of fear of “other.” We truly do not understand the desire to “Stop Welcoming Schools.” Why would anyone choose to “Stop Inclusivity,” “Stop Equality,” Stop Compassion”? We encourage meaningful conversation based on factual information without hiding behind the curtain of anonymity. To learn more about this professional development tool, please see welcomingschools.org and to gain further insight into the dangerous effects of bullying on our youth, please see stopbullying.gov.

Kelly Bullett, Brandie Revoy and Art Veenema

Park City Community Church’s Peace and Justice Committee

Students make huge impact


I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Park City High School Latinos in Action students for their incredible generosity. I recently visited Mrs. Anna Williams’ Latinos in Action classroom to propose a service project that would include helping me collect a “few” items that I could bring to an orphanage that I will be visiting in Guatemala in November. This past Thursday I was invited back to the class to collect what they had gathered. Rather than the “few” items I had proposed, I was presented with backpacks stuffed with goodies for each of the 27 kiddos currently living at the orphanage. The clothes, shoes, school supplies and toys in each bag were purchased and prepared by the LIA students specifically for each child. They were also able to make a cash contribution which they collected from the PCHS student body. I was completely overwhelmed with the personal effort and investment the LIA students contributed to this project. Their donations will make a huge impact on the lives of the children at “Hogares seguros para ninos” in Solola, Guatemala — just as they have made an impact on mine. My “Live PC Give PC” donation will go to Latinos in Action this year.

Dana Mulick

Park City

Give Becca another term


I am very fortunate to call Becca Gerber one of my closest friends. Becca is the friend who always makes time for you no matter what is going on in her life. She’s the friend who calls when she knows you have a busy week to check in, who encourages you to get out for a quick walk when she knows you need it, and who comes to your house the day you move to entertain your kids when your husband accidentally double books himself. She’s the friend who always puts herself second, or third, or fourth because her commitment to others is so strong.

I remember several years ago when Becca told me she wanted to run for Park City Council. What I’ve learned about holding an elected position since that late-night walk all those years ago is that it requires much more than I realized. I’ve learned the longer you serve (within reason, of course), the better you become. I’ve learned that while it is technically only a part-time commitment, it is a full-time responsibility. Becca has grown as a person, a leader, and thankfully a friend over the last four years.

I am very fortunate to call Becca a close friend, but Park City is very fortunate for what Becca has given to our community and that she’s offering to continue to give. Please give Becca another term to continue to work for us.

Meisha L. Ross

Snyderville Basin

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