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Letters, Dec. 12-15: Pick up a cold one


Pick up a cold one

Winter’s here. Take a deep breath, ahhhh! You can’t smell it. You know it’s there, it’s everywhere! It’s frozen. It’s dog poop! Now’s the perfect time to pick up a cold one. It doesn’t stink, and the bags are free. You don’t have to take it to the dump — there are trash cans all over.

So, give a crap, do your doody, pick up a cold one — better yet, take home a six-pack.

Manette L. Manz



A matter of principle

I am responding to Mr. Rubinfeld’s letter (“Lessons learned,” Dec. 9-11) regarding my letter (“Answers needed,” Dec. 5-8) asking Mayor Beerman to respond to the numerous questions raised by the mural painted on Main Street last summer. He totally missed my point. My letter had nothing to do with the mural itself or it’s message — that is a whole different topic — rather it addressed the way in which the painting of the mural was accomplished. There are rules and procedures in place for such events — if any individual or group wanted to have a mural painted it would have to go through numerous applications, committee meetings, forms to be completed etc., and yet the mayor (who is supposed to be the face of Park City — per the website describing the mayor’s responsibilities) seems to have circumvented all of that. I want to know why he felt he was entitled to do that when everyone else is expected to follow the rules. I would feel the same way regardless of the mural’s content. It is a matter of principle. As I said, the mayor is not a sovereign being. If we don’t hold our elected officials responsible for their actions (and all actions have consequences) then who will?

Susan Alleva



Mindset of mush

The mindset of many Americans has turned to mush. Far too many believe the end justifies the means, or that might makes right, or that only a single ruler can make them safe.

When a demagogue emerges in one party, fellow politicians fear the wrath of the popular one, and learn to lust after power and drama in a like manner.

They learn to hate empowerment of ordinary groups of people, and want government instead by a small group, perhaps including just the president, congressional party leadership, a favorite media outlet and the judiciary.

Their view is that moral goodness is for the common people … necessary to obtain their compliance and their devotion. They themselves believe that money and benefits can buy the people’s affection, but reason and ethics are not necessary.

In this worldview, canceling disfavored groups and ignoring the health, safety and education of the people is no big deal.

Kim Shinkoskey

Woods Cross

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