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Letters, Dec. 5-8: Don’t roll back Trump’s achievements

Choose rollbacks wisely

In last Saturday’s paper, a “Perspective” piece by Mr. Thompson advocated rolling back the rollbacks from the last four years. Might I suggest that he not let his intense dislike of the outgoing president overwhelm careful selection of what to roll back?

• Keep the pressure on Iran; do NOT send them another $100 billion (yep, that’s a B) bribe to allow Iran to covertly continue their nuclear weapons program and support of terrorism in the Middle East.

• Keep wholeheartedly supporting efforts establishing economic and diplomatic relations between Israel and the Arab countries, bypassing the Palestinians who have shown absolutely no interest in regional peace for the past half century. And no financial support to the Palestinian government whose politicians line their pockets while their people suffer.

• Keep the pressure on our NATO allies to live up to the financial commitments that they have made for their collective security (think “fair share”).

• Keep the emphasis on protecting our intellectual property from China’s theft.

• Keep up the emphasis on cybersecurity, especially with respect to Russia, China and North Korea.

• Keep up the policy of not publicly degrading and insulting the leaders of hostile countries so they will at least talk (think North Korea).

• Keep the taxes on those “evil corporations” low so that they can compete internationally and hire domestically rather than move their manufacturing operations and headquarters offshore to take advantage of cheap labor and low tax rates.

• Keep the streamlined bureaucracies, regulations and processes in place that allowed “Operation Warp Speed” to develop and distribute multiple COVID vaccines in under a year.

• Keep the de-regulations in place that resulted in the lowest unemployment rates for women and all minorities in half a century and rising incomes for those same groups, and sharply lowered welfare roles.

• Keep our military strong; weakness will not encourage better relations with China or Russia.

Only a “sore winner” would completely erase everything done by his predecessor: choose wisely.

Ken Miller

Jeremy Ranch

What are you proud of?

So, Republican Party county chair, I read your letter to the editor that you are so proud of President Trump. So are you proud of the fact he kept the early information on the coronavirus from us the people and called it a hoax? Are you proud how he didn’t tell us how contagious it was, just telling us it will go away? Are you proud of him making fun of mask wearing and making it into a partisan political issue instead of pulling the nation together to do the simple thing of wearing a mask, which is well documented to slow the spread of the virus? And what of our election? Are you proud of his lying and false claims of fraud in our election despite no proof? Are you proud of his efforts to endanger American democracy and dupe millions of his supporters into questioning our election process, which is the foundation of our democracy?

Are you proud of his firings of the many dedicated civil service people for simply telling the truth and doing their job such as Chris Krebs, our former U.S. director of cybersecurity who told the truth about the election as being fair and just and one of the best run elections we have had? You should express yourself as being proud of such Republicans as Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger for preserving our democracy. Are your proud that they and their families are now receiving death threats and require security details to protect them as Trump continues his false claims of a stolen election? You should be proud of the many Republican-appointed judges and other state elected officials who have stood up to the Trump attempts to subvert our democratic process but not proud of Trump. I see you say you sleep well with your love of President Trump. I sleep peacefully now knowing that our democracy has been preserved with thanks to your fellow Republicans who did not buckle under the pressure from Trump to overrule the vote of the people.

John Schloderer

Park City

Answers needed

We, the people of Park City, are still waiting for the mayor’s answers to the numerous questions that have been raised over the past several months regarding the handling of the Black Lives Matter mural on Main Street. This is not going away! People are NOT going to forget. My advice to the mayor is to face the music. You were elected — you are not some sovereign power who can do whatever, whenever with no consequences. I think the power of being “mayor” corrupted your thinking. Your legacy, if you refuse to answer basic questions, will be the mural and the cover-up that followed.

Susan Alleva


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