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Letters, Dec. 9-11: Wear masks for others

Wear masks for others

I was in the Saddleback lift line at the Canyons Village side of Park City Mountain Resort over the weekend. I am a healthy 60-something. There was a group of young adults, probably in their late teens or early 20s, behind me in line, several of whom had their masks down around their chins. I turned and asked them to please pull them up. Two of them looked at me like I had asked them eat something unpleasant, but they reluctantly pulled them up. As soon as I turned around to face forward, they pulled them back down. How can people not get it? That it’s not just about their own health, but also about the people around them? Are they OK with jeopardizing others because of the inconvenience of wearing a mask while in proximity to others? Please, Park City, make this small gesture. The sooner we all do, the sooner we won’t have to any longer.

Larry Rose


Who’s a sore loser?

Regarding the letter titled “Choose rollbacks wisely” in the Dec. 5-8 edition, Mr. Miller is of course entitled to his opinion, but he lost all credibility when he stated, ”Only a ‘sore winner’ would completely erase everything done by his predecessor.” That’s rich, when you consider how the “sore winner” Donald Trump made every possible effort to reverse everything and anything with Barack Obama’s name on it. Thank goodness Trump wasn’t able to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Diane Bracey

Old Town

Bear witness and speak truth

Bill Barr and Donald Trump have ordered the federal government to execute multiple death row inmates before inauguration day. Let us see this rush to execute federal prisoners as the inhumane publicity stunt that it is. I am wondering why they just do not set up firing squads on the South Lawn of the White House for maximum effect.

Under Trump and Barr, the federal government has executed eight federal prisoners so far this year. From 1963 to 2019, the federal government killed only three prisoners, all between 2001 and 2003. After Biden was elected last month, Barr scheduled three more executions. Lisa Mongomery is scheduled for Jan. 12. Cory Johnson will be executed on Jan. 14, and Dustin John Higgs the next day. All three of these cases involve capital crimes and no doubt of guilt. As an advocate for Lisa Mongomery argues: “We are not asking that she be absolved of guilt. We are asking that she be extended mercy.”

No one should live or die deliberately at the authority of one president when a week later they would have been spared by another. It is nationally endorsed cruelty. What is our role as citizens of this nation? It is to bear witness and speak of this to our families and friends. Perhaps a publicity stunt like setting up firing squads on the South Lawn is far fetched, but it tragically replicates the reason these people will be executed by the government in the coming weeks. We all need to have our eyes wide open, because democracies die in darkness.

Martha Macomber

Park Meadows

Lessons learned

I am writing in response to Susan Aleva’s letter, “Answers needed,” in the Dec. 5-8 edition. The mayor made a mistake but not a malicious one. In his enthusiasm Park City demonstrated (maybe not 100%) a response to a serious social issue. My hope is that in our non-diverse community, dialogue was started about Black Lives Matter, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. This took me back to my youth demonstrating against the Vietnam War and other injustices. Not all our protests were positive, but it started dialogues and brought issues to the forefront. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if every town in Germany during the 1930s wrote Jewish Lives Matter in their streets? I hope Mayor Andy, the messenger, learned a lesson; but the bigger lesson of racial injustice is the message we all must digest and learn to move forward as a human race.

Fred Rubinfeld


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