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Letters: E-bikes should be programmed with lower speed limit

Where are the animal police?


With money being spent to build a bridge for animals to use as means of crossing I-80, is there going to be animal police directing them to use their new crosswalk?

Andre Palai
Jeremy Ranch


An e-speed limit


I read Joe Assenheim’s guest editorial on E-Bikes with great interest as he articulated many of the behaviors and hazards I’ve observed as a Prospector resident adjacent to the Rail Trail. Many of the risks he identified could be mitigated significantly if the bikes’ software was modified to cut off the electric assist once the bike reached a speed of 7 or 8 mph. The rider would still have the “assist” for hills, but if they want to go faster, they would have to use their muscles like everyone else on these trails, whether they are walking or riding. Let’s preserve the people friendly environment of these trails for both the cyclists and pedestrians that use them responsibly.

Mark Duenser
Park City


Become a leader


The date for the submission of your application to become a member of Leadership Park City Class XXV is rapidly approaching – August 24. You may apply here – https://www.applyhero.com/Leadership2018.

This is a truly popular program that is primarily paid for by the city government, the Chamber/Visitors Bureau and Summit County, among others. Last year, over 100 people applied for membership for a class of 30. Therefore, if you have not been accepted in the past, apply again! It took me 2 applications (I probably slipped in…). Some people are accepted on their 3rd try. Many times, it depends on the diversity of the class.

The diversity of the class is important because you hear other members’ suggested solutions to problems that may change your feelings about some topics since you experience their perspective. Additionally, you learn first hand from the Summit County Council and the Park City Council about their current priorities.

I was a member of Class XX (truly the Best Class! – Well, others may disagree…). Our class project was both daunting and truly exciting – we wrote and published “High – 5 Park City”. It is a book about Park City, written for K – 2 students. Many of us read the book in schools that were then distributed to the students.

This training provides some great Leadership in Park City training and is for all ages. Older people, like me, Even have important takeaways from the training – so you are Not Too Old!

The friendships developed in Leadership Park City begin with the roots of your class and then branch out to members of other classes. Truly worth the time you invest in the class and they in you! As Nike says…”Just Do It!”

Bill Humbert
Park City


Money for music


I am writing in response to this summer’s Park Record article, “Nearly $900,000 awarded to more than 20 Summit County nonprofit organizations,” after having the tremendous pleasure of attending concerts – each an intimate and spectacular music event – put on by the Beethoven Festival Park City this summer. The article details the fact that the Summit County Council slashed the funding provided to the Park City Chamber Music Society, which puts on the Festival’s Park City summer concerts, many of which are free to the public.

I am deeply disappointed by the fact that the Council chose to award to the Society a mere 0.2% of the funding distributed, particularly when the concerts put on by the Festival, a stand-out institution of the Park City music scene, now celebrating its 35th year, are enjoyed by such a diverse audience of Park City residents, as well as many visitors to our town.

My hope is that the Council will reconsider its funding decision next year, and will recognize the wide array of benefits the Park City Chamber Music Society offers our community. The Society should absolutely receive significantly more funding, and, for anyone who would like to better understand just how amazing the Festival concerts are, I would encourage you to attend the FINAL summer concert at City Park this coming Monday the 13th, at 6:15pm. Admission is completely FREE, allowing access for all, but, for those who are able, I would encourage you to lend your support and donate generously!

Kerry MacNamara
Park City

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