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Letters: Fighting for stricter gun laws can change the world

Change the world


Not quite a year ago, I participated in the “March for Our Lives” here in Park City. I was here on vacation as I have done for the past 38 years. It was such an inspiring event, culminating with three young women from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of the horrifying Parkland tragedy, taking time from their vacations to come and speak to the assembled.

Six weeks prior, I had been snapped out of my “slacktivism” by the murders in Florida. I live in Connecticut where the Sandy Hook massacre took place, and, although it shocked and saddened me, I was not spurred to action. I don’t know why. But Parkland was different, as I immediately looked to join a proactive group to advocate for sensible laws to prevent any more of these horrific events. Fortunately, I discovered Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, an amazing group founded by Shannon Watts the day after Sandy Hook.

The March here in Park City, some 2,000 strong, additionally motivated me so that when I returned to Connecticut I immediately jumped in, helping found a local group in my town.

I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about guns, gun laws, suicides by firearm, homicides and accidental deaths, especially children killing children.

Moms Demand Action has been incredibly successful in the past year in getting “Gun Sense” candidates elected to office at the local, state and federal levels. Our work educating the average citizen about the damage that lax gun laws have wrought across this country is something I am most proud of. Voices are being raised across the country, and there is now hope that someday there will be no more Sandy Hooks or Parklands.

One thing can make this happen — participation. So please set down this newspaper, get up, get out and get involved in changing the world for the better. To join Moms Demand Action text “Ready” to 644-33.

John Cooper
Greenwich, Connecticut


Grateful for dedication


My Park City High School Adventure PE students have been able to experience an incredible third quarter due to many who have donated their time, expertise and equipment. A giant shout out to Jimmy Tart of the Utah Avalanche Center, Bert Pacal of Park City Resort Ski Patrol, Todd Henneman of Storm Cycles, Mike Caldwell and Ian Hartley of White Pine Touring, and Jeff Butz of Podium Ski Services. I am so grateful for your dedication to our community and the knowledge you share with our PC youth.

Susie Graves-Henneman
Park City High School teacher


Enough about Trump


I was appalled to read the opinion piece “Trump, unlike his detractors, understands art of diplomacy” in Wednesday’s Park Record by Morgan Liddick of the Summit Daily News — a sister paper. He was referring to the collapse of talks with Kim Jong Un without getting a deal. In 25 years reading the Record I cannot remember any article approaching this in terms of political bias.

Mr. Liddick argues that Trump’s was a strategic withdrawal, but I would respectfully like to offer an opposite reaction. Trump’s whole history of deal making has been one of bullying (and cheating?) the opposition. Before becoming President, he was involved in more than 3,500 court cases — many of them against sub-contractors or workers claiming to have been cheated.

I believe that his failure to make any progress with Kim Jong Un “Little Rocket Man” in their recent summits was not “diplomatic genius” but a failure of two bloated egos and lack of basic preparatory diplomacy. Kim thinking that Trump’s problems at home would make him desperate for a deal — any deal, and Trump assuming that his hinting at a huge windfall for Kim from hotels, golf courses and tourism would buy a willingness to give up his nukes. What was missing was preparatory discussions between seasoned diplomats.

This withdrawal, like Trump’s withdrawal from NAFTA, the Iran accord, the Trans Pacific agreement and the Paris climate agreement, is not a triumph of negotiating skills. Certainly our foreign partners don’t think so. In fact, France, Germany, the UK and most other Western nations now report more confidence in Putin and Xi Jinping than Trump.

Hopefully, the Record will return to concentrating on local news. I hear more than enough about Trump and his ego elsewhere.

Frank Fish
Park City


St. Paddy’s was special


Thank you, Park City Elks! The local Elks Lodge No. 734 invited the Park City Senior Citizens to join them for a St. Patrick’s Dy dinner on Saturday, March 16. It was a wonderful evening, with socializing and a dinner of corned beef and cabbage and all the trimmings. The performance by the Scariff School of Irish Dance was fun and entertaining, even then the Elks and Seniors joined the dancers at the end. The organizer of the event, newcomer Cheryl Soshnik, did a wonderful job, as we knew she would. The Elks have been an active charitable organization in Park City for well over 100 years, and sharing a dinner in your historic lodge on Main Street made this a very special night for all of us. Oh, and that new elevator to bring us upstairs to the lodge was especially welcomed by the Senior Citizens.

Peggy Fletcher
Park City

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