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Letters: Gondolas in Park City are a great idea to fight traffic, but who’s going to pay?

Pony up


Regarding the Oct. 29 article “Park City talks of fighting traffic by constructing gondolas across community”: Great idea, but who’s gonna pay? The taxpayers of Park City, or the corporations that benefit and are the cause of the traffic problem — that is, Vail Resorts? I suspect the taxpayers will pay, making this another case of corporate welfare at the expense of the residents. When will the politicians start taking care of the people that elected them? Never, unless the taxpayers can pony up more than the corporations do.

Jeff Lonn

Hamilton, Montana

Doilney won’t let you down


I have known Max Doilney for over 20 years. Max is more than capable of being a solid steward to this community. He will bring the perspective of someone that was born and raised in Park City. He sees not only the current obvious issues that Park City is contending with but also the importance of small business and its fleeting relationship with this community. He wants to preserve Park City’s past while helping to sensibly shape the future. The current direction of this community was so compelling that Max decided that was enough and decided to do something about it. Max understands servant leadership, top to bottom accountability and the efforts and sensibility that are necessary to facilitate a positive direction that this community needs.

On Election Day, vote for Max Doilney. He will not let you down!

John Troilo

Summit Park

Support our community


As the season of giving approaches, I’d like to encourage everyone to join me in several events in November that support our local nonprofits.

On Friday, Nov. 8, Live PC Give PC is the annual day of giving led by the Park City Community Foundation. Our goal is 5,000 donors this year. Go to livepcgivepc.org for more details and to donate.

On Saturday, Nov. 9, and Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15 and 16, go see Giving a Bleep, a great local play that pokes fun at all things Park City and raises money for nonprofits. Visit givingableep.com to buy a ticket that funds the cause of your choice. Come see me as “80s Guy #2,” my wife, Andrea, as “Ashley the Realtor,” and all our talented fellow thespians.

Please consider donating to Summit County Clubhouse, a free recovery-based community for adults living with mental illness that offers opportunities for friendship, employment, education and access to other important services. More information can be found at summitcountyclubhouse.org.

Your participation and generosity will support a healthy, safe and happy community.

Stephen Spaulding

Jeremy Ranch

Partisan politics


The injection of partisan politics into a non-partisan meeting for Utah counties is truly unfortunate and inappropriate. I had a similar experience as a member of last year’s Leadership team. Our group had meetings with both Summit County and Park City government officials to learn about how our local government works and is administered. Our meeting with the Summit County Council was excellent and informative. However, our meeting with the Park City Council was a disaster. Instead of learning about our local government, we were treated to a five minute unhinged, anti-Trump tirade from councilor Tim Henney. Mark Harrington, our city attorney, when he finally had the opportunity to speak, tried to bring things back to the agenda. He mentioned he knew people in the county who had other views that deserved some respect, but when councilor Henney regained the floor, the tirade continued. So many of us are browbeaten by constant politics from both “left” and “right.” This is constant in our media, but why do people I barely know or know only casually feel it necessary to inject their political opinions at every opportunity? These displays provide no opportunity for intelligent conversation or learning. They are uninvited, usually off-topic, highly emotional, generally uninformed and very divisive. I commiserate with the experience of councilor Carson.

Peter Yogman

Park City

Favorite day of the year


As we approach the ninth year of Live PC Give PC, I remember the first year of this incredible day in Park City volunteering in a cold warehouse space with Katie Wright from the Park City Community Foundation as she organized her vision for this day. All members of the Park City community came together to support our nonprofits and do what sets this town apart with giving unconditionally and supporting each other. Parkites exceeded all expectations on the first year of Live PC Give PC — and have every year since. Let’s all pull together again and give where needed on Nov. 8. It’s honestly my favorite day of the year in Park City. A sincere thank you for everyone’s support.

Julie Hopkins

Park City

A staging area


I’m going to guess that none of the Park City Council members pick up their mail at the Main Street Post Office. Drivers already “stage” in the parking lot, tourists already park in the parking lot to the point that sometimes there is no parking for those of us who just want to pick up our mail. Plus, these drivers then pick up their riders in the parking lot, blocking the entire area, so that no one can get in or out. Please don’t make the Post Office parking lot a staging area.

Ellen Sherk

Old Town

Getting involved never felt so good


One of the best celebrations in Park City is just around the corner and it’s worth making sure you don’t miss out. Park City Community Foundation’s annual 24-hour day of giving is quickly approaching so mark your calendars for Nov. 8 and get involved. We are all so very fortunate to live in this amazing place and much of that is due to the 100-plus nonprofits that make greater Park City a special place to live, work and play. Whether you wave signs around town, make a donation to your favorite nonprofit(s) — (no amount is too small), give a shoutout to nonprofits on social media, or get creative and find your own way to make a difference. Please join the fun by going to LivePCGivePC.org and supporting the amazing causes that matter most to you. Oh! and then come celebrate at High West from 8 p.m.-midnight. Getting involved never felt so good.

Lydia Rupnow

Park City

The arts matter


The arts have the power to make us feel better. They bring us together, strengthening our relationship to the world around us. They help explore complex issues, introduce us to new ideas and people, and push our boundaries. They drive our economy as a destination experience for visitors and provide jobs for locals. They help prepare our students for the changing landscape of 21st-century jobs.

They are not only part of what makes it fun and beautiful to live and visit Summit County but are embedded in our core identity, history and values. They matter so much that Park City Council has made the arts a top priority.

Park City Community Foundation is once again leading Live PC Give PC on Friday, Nov. 8, giving you an opportunity to donate to your favorite nonprofit organizations.

To that end, we ask you to consider our arts organizations during this day of philanthropic giving. These organizations work hard to provide you with exceptional and engaging experiences. They are a critical part of making our community a healthier, more connected, inspired and economically viable destination. They make our mountain town an incredible place to call home.

We are privileged to live in a town with world-renowned creative assets and programming. It’s the Park City Summit County Arts Council’s mission as an umbrella organization to promote, support and strengthen arts and culture. We tell stories about local arts and culture activities, produce programs that connect creatives with the community, and plan and advocate for the future health of our creative sector.

Join us on Nov. 8 for Live PC Give PC by going to livepcgivepc.org and supporting the causes that matter most to you. We deeply believe the arts matter, and we hope you agree.

Jocelyn Scudder

Park City Summit County Arts Council executive director

Help the vulnerable in our community


On Nov. 8 Summit County Clubhouse (SCC) invites the community to come together in support of the many organizations and people providing countless hours of service to our beautiful Park City. Live PC Give PC is an amazing instrument used to ‘pay it forward’ and SCC encourages all to contribute.

Summit County Clubhouse is a nonprofit organization supporting adults with mental illness in obtaining independence, community and living a productive life. We are new to Park City and are looking forward to becoming an integral part of the city. We can’t do this without you.

Research has shown that Clubhouse members typically experience a reduction in hospitalizations and incarcerations; an increase in employment opportunities; and an improved quality of life.

We expect to place 50% of our average daily attendance of members into employment placements in the community.

Please consider making a donation to this important program at the following link: livepcgivepc.org/organization/Summit-County-Clubhouse. Your donation will allow SCC to reach out to the vulnerable in our community and offer a safe place to regain independence and community.

Phyllis Sharples

Park City

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