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Letters: GOP is ramming Kavanaugh nomination through


Keep Old Town authentic

My name is Jack Snyder and my wife and are proud homeowners in Old Town. We bought in 2010 after conducting a thorough search of the entire Park City-Kimball Junction region for one primary reason — Old Town is an authentic mining town with deep history and a wonderful look and connection with the mountain and town. We also chose Park City over many famous resort towns (Vail, Aspen, Steamboat, etc.) because it is authentic and has a look, feel and vitality of an historic mining town — that has been transformed into a wonderful year round destination for all kinds of sports and cultural events. Although the town comes under “strain” during certain high season periods — and the traffic and accessibility to the town’s shops and restaurants can be suffocating — it is just bearable and cannot support any more substantive development.

We are deeply against the Treasure Hill development — and are pleased to see the town has come up with a satisfactory solution. We support the buyout of the developers and the related bond issue — as it will keep the town’s history and special character intact and prevent it from becoming just another sprawling and out-of-control destination resort.

Keep Park City special and vote “yes” for the open space bond offering.

Jack Snyder
Old Town


Trust Miller with your vote

Many people wonder what our political leaders are like in “real life.” I can shed a bit of light on what Meaghan Miller is like in “real life.” In the spring of 2016, the members of the Park City Toastmaster’s club had to scramble to put on the district convention. Meaghan was a relatively new member in our club at that time, but stepped up time and again to take on tasks both large and small. I particularly recall her volunteering to raise donations from the Park City business community. Many of us have had experience raising money for nonprofits. It typically is one of the most stressful and thankless tasks around. However, Meaghan embraced the task with good humor and diligence.

In the whirlwind of putting the convention together I marveled at how Meaghan was consistently there to solve problems. In the context of football, I began to think of her as Park City Toastmaster’s “free safety.” Meaghan was steady, confident, quick to spot issues and quick to help the team solve them. I urge you to trust Meaghan with your vote in November.

John Fry
Park City


GOP ramming nomination through

I do not care if it is 1,000 women vouching for Brett Kavanaugh. The fact is that Ford has come forward and had already discussed the incident to a therapist several years before the nomination. Next Kavanaugh’s friend, a lawyer and fellow prep school individual, had written a well thought out idea that it was a look-a-like and then deleted the notation. Senator Orrin Hatch has prepped Kavanaugh for the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and it is my understanding the Ed Whelan proposal was contrived with Senator Hatch’s staff. I want to state that this is what “A BUNCH OF POWERFUL GOOD OLD WHITE BOYS DO.” It happens to be the Republican position to ram this nomination through the committee despite the cloud and the opposition of the majority of Americans. WOMEN of the United States, are these the people that are representing YOU? The very idea that Brett Kavanaugh is such a reputable individual that Brett Kavanaugh could not have done this at 17 is absurd. I asked my son who is 48 and was a party boy would he do something like this to a woman — his answer was NO. President Trump is in support of Brett Kavanaugh. The President lacks credibility when it comes to believing women. The President’s way to make this end is to attack and deny, deny, deny! WOMEN, is this what you want on the Supreme Court, another man accused of SEXUAL ABUSE? Brett Kavanaugh has shown in his opinions opposition to women’s rights. This could mean the reversal of “Roe vs Wade” and in essence the rights of women to control their DESTINY.

Holly A. Carlin
Park City


Join the plant-based movement

There are many reasons to join the plant-based movement. They include superior health, reducing the cost of health care, addressing world hunger, water scarcity, deforestation, species extinction, dependency on fossil fuels, suffering of animals … even the sustainability of our civilization and species! Among these values is the opportunity to prevent cognitive decline as we age into our 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Plant Based Utah, a nonprofit, is excited to welcome two of the most advanced researchers and clinicians who have proven that we can prevent Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai. Please join us at the Salt Palace on Oct. 13 for an exciting program that focuses on the prevention of cognitive disease. It is so important to become aligned now and not to complacently put it off until you are at major risk.

We are also hosting Dr. Brooke Goldner, who will be speaking about reversing auto-immune diseases with a plant-based diet, and her husband, fitness expert Thomas Tadlock. Breakout sessions include a cooking demonstration, a talk about ecological eating from Westminster Professor Nina Vought, and a presentation from Wasatch 100 winner Jesse Rich about the role of carbohydrates in an active lifestyle.

Go online at plantbasedutah.org/symposium to register. The fee is a bargain and includes a plant-based breakfast and lunch! As reminded by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Dr. Tom Rosenberg and Dr. Patrick Olson
Rosenberg Cooley Metcalf Clinic in Park City


Give thanks for Park City

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” This saying rings truest for me in November. Not only is this the month of Giving Thanks, but here in Park City, it’s also the month of Live PC Give PC. I look forward to this event every year as an opportunity to come together with my community and support the nonprofits that make life here so colorful. Last year, over 4,123 unique donors generously bestowed $2,026,917 in charitable contributions. These funds support everything from adaptive recreation and affordable housing to critical programs that keep our local youth safe, healthy and empowered to reach their full potential. This year, let’s outdo ourselves, Park City. Live PC Give PC is hoping to rally at least 4,500 unique donors this year. Even if you give just $5, you can help meet this worthy goal. So, on Nov. 9, head to livepcgivepc.org and join thousands from your community in saying thanks.

Christine Grenney
Park City

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