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Letters: Gun issue more complicated than NRA’s narrative

Meat industry plays us for fools


The coming April Fool’s Day reminds us how the meat, egg, and dairy industries play us for fools every day.

The meat industry has developed a whole dictionary designed to fool unwary consumers. The flesh of pigs is called “pork” or “bacon” to fool viewers of Charlotte’s Web into eating it. Killing of stunned animals for food is labeled “humane.” And, cesspools of pig waste that spill into our drinking water supplies during hurricanes are named “lagoons.”

The egg laying industry is arguing with USDA whether chickens laying organic eggs should have access to the outdoors. But few seem to care that, for each hen that lays eggs, a male chick was ground up alive or suffocated in a plastic garbage bag, because it doesn’t. Or that laying hens themselves get to live less than one tenth of their natural lives. A number of states have also enacted “ag-gag” laws that criminalize exposes of factory farm and slaughterhouse atrocities.

The meat, dairy, and egg industry’s fooling days may be counted. Many of us are seeing through the deception and replacing animal meat, milk, cheese, and ice cream with kinder, healthier, and eco-friendly nut and grain-based products available in every supermarket.

Paxton Ryker
Park City


Recycle Utah needs support during relocation


I’m unique in that I really enjoy talking about recycling, waste and landfills. Thanks to Summit County’s Solid Waste Master Plan, I’ve been able to do that a lot lately. I’m writing to ask you to join in on the solid waste conversation. Why does this matter to you? Recycle Utah is a nonprofit community partner in waste diversion, water protection efforts to extend the life of the landfill. The current site of Recycle Utah’s drop-off center is owned by Park City Municipal and will be redeveloped as part of the Arts & Culture District project in the next 2-3 years. This means Recycle Utah needs to find a new home. Summit County’s plan includes proposals for a new home for Recycle Utah on Summit County property (exact location is still TBD). If adopted, this would allow Recycle Utah to continue to provide the drop-off services and education that our community has come to rely on for 27 years. This move comes with great excitement. A new space would provide us opportunities to continue to grow our programs and materials accepted. With an average of 400 cars/day, our little parking lot gets pretty busy! The Summit County Council will make a decision on the Solid Waste Master Plan on April 11. If you support a relocation for Recycle Utah, I encourage you to contact County Council, or attend the April 11th meeting and join me in talking about solid waste in Summit County.

Carolyn Wawra
Recycle Utah


Guest editorial on guns misguided


I am writing in response to Mike Quinones’ editorial, in which he essentially argues that the recent school shooting in Maryland illustrates the need for more guns in schools, not less. Yes, thankfully, an armed school officer appears to have stopped the violence from continuing in the MD school (although it was later revealed that the gunman died of a self-inflicted gun wound, not from the officer’s bullet). But the shooting was hardly a success story — two students died and one was injured. I am definitely not “OK with that.”

Gun control advocates are not necessarily arguing for the removal of armed officers from schools and the two are not mutually exclusive. Instead let’s do everything we can to prevent more school shootings and consider all options, including stricter gun control laws, trained armed security personnel, mental health treatment, anti-bullying measures, smarter gun technology, and more. This isn’t a zero-sum game. Just as Maryland’s gun control laws did not prevent the recent shooting in that state, having an armed officer at Parkland did not prevent that shooting … although maybe stricter gun control laws would have.

I don’t claim to know the truth. But I know it’s far more complicated than the NRA’s “evil teenager” versus “good guy with a gun” narrative.

Liesel Stevens
Park City

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